The Crossover

As the name suggests this is a blog about basketball. I love basketball and it’s practically my life!!

The reason the blog is called ‘The Ankle Breaker’ is, well, because of the crossover. So yes, this blog in a roundabout way is dedicated to the crossover.

Allen Iverson, Tim Hardaway and Dwyane Wade each have some of the greatest crossovers (Iverson’s being the best in my opinion.). Lets break it down. The ball moving from one hand to the other, pretty simple right? Yes, you could say so, but to have one of the most effective crossovers you’ve got to focus on a few key things.

  • 1) How you do it e.g. Planting one foot, stutter step, behind the back, through the leg etc.
  • 2) Quickness, how fast you do it.
  • 3) How low you can get.
  • 4) Acting. How well you can fake going one way and go the other.

Really in its essence, as a move to get by someone, nothing is as easy or as satisfying as a good old ankle-breaker!



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