Where amazing happens 2013 part 1.

It’s not a coinsidence that this blog was started 8 days before the latest installment of the NBA begins. Just thought I would let you know.

Of course, all the hype has been around Kobe and Dwight taking the Lake show all the way to the white house but in my opinion this isn’t going to happen. I mean no one seems to remember the fact that D12’s contract runs out this summer and trust me the Dwightmare hasn’t ended just yet! And I know if you’re reading this you’re thinking ‘Oh, look at this punk hating on the Lakers’ you’re right. I’m just going to come straight out and say it the Lakers of this season are what the HEAT were for the last two seasons, the big intimidating guys with the money and the players.


My tip for next year is OKC. Last year they were caught behind the hype over LeBron and DWade and then the Spurs later on in the year so I can really see Russell and KD hoisting the Larry O’Brien this year especially with all the focus on LA and Miami.


LeBron will be MVP, obviously. if he wins a couple more championships he’s better than Jordan in my opinion. Depending on this season DWade + LeBron vs KD + Russell could be a lot like the rivalry between MJ + Pippen vs Malone + Stockton.




Finally, my two wildcards for the title.

  • New York Knicks.
  • Indiana Pacers.

The Knicks because they’re my team, simply put and the Pacers because of they’re team attitude and with the youthful core of the team (Paul George, Roy Hibbert, George Hill etc.). And no it has nothing to do at all with Danny Granger.


More to come.

Let me know what you think

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