The ‘In your face’ basketball magazine.



This^, the original SLAM magazine featuring Larry Johnson from 1994. Of course, I don’t own this (I wish I did), because I wasn’t alive back then. Anyway, this was the beginning of a new era for basketball, something big even though I assume no one thought so at the time. My first SLAM, issue 148 with Kobe and Lamar Odom on the cover, was got in Eason in Cork.


Thank god they sell it in Ireland as my basketball IQ has tripled since I’ve started collecting it. But I haven’t just written this because I wanted to tell you how much I like SLAM I wanted to tell you how much YOU should like SLAM. For example, my favourite player Allen Iverson was on the cover of SLAM 150 and that’s how I first found out about him. Often in Trash Talk, the magazine’s letters column, people say it only praises players and gives their season statistics but SLAM often give backstories about them or even criticizes them.

The opening tip by Rick Tellander is awesome. Simply put, his attitudes to basketball suit everyone’s (maybe that’s just me.). Tzvi Twerski writes unreal interviews, and one of my coaches even knows Alvin Blanco who wrote an article in the latest edition of KICKS (A special annual by SLAM released at the beginning of every season for 5 years.). SLAM is a magazine by fans for fans!


And SLAM doesn’t stop with the ink on the paper. is updated daily and it features some great basketball blogs also.

SLAM is awesome seriously. I mean you can’t go wrong with it.

So the next time you pass Eason or Happy Days and you have 6.70ish in your pocket, run in and buy an issue of SLAM. Trust me you won’t regret it, I promise.

(Sorry, I know it seems like I was paid to write this but I wasn’t.)


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