Where amazing happens, part 3. (Final.)

This is the final installment of my season preview. Yesterday I spoke about rookies and today, I will give my opinions on all the teams that could make the 6th-8th playoff seed spots.

Today in school I was having a discussion about the coming season with my friend, and a great point he made was that how many teams can make the Playoffs compared to last year, mostly because of the draft class.

The Cavaliers, Kings, Bucks, Nets, Detroit, Washington, Minnesota, Portland, Warriors and Hornets all missed the Playoffs last season by margins both narrow and wide. This year they all have a realistic hope off making the post season, and some of them could even put a decent Playoff run together.

Take the Kings for example. There starting five next season could look like this:

  1. Isaiah Thomas/ Aaron Brooks.
  2. Tyreke Evans.
  3. Marcus Thornton.
  4. Thomas Robinson.
  5. DeMarcus Cousins.

That’s a pretty good first 5 huh? It’s very easy to imagine Tyreke and Isaiah tearing up the court throwing lops or dishing dimes to either Cousins or Robinson. At the same time with the Kings though the season could go bottom up if at least two probable things happen.

  • Tyreke Evans gets injured.
  • Isaiah Thomas gets the sophomore slump.
  • Thomas Robinson becomes a draft bust.
  • DeMarcus Cousins demands a trade.
  • The team is plagued by rumours of off-court troubles about the stadium and team location.


But these possible problems apply to a lot of these Playoff hopefuls, the Cavs in particular.

I just described teams relying on their youth, but what about teams relying on their money? Cough, Cough *Brooklyn*.

A quick look at the Nets’ starting 5.

  1. Deron Williams.
  2. Joe Johnson.
  3. Gerald Wallace.
  4. Kris Humphries.
  5. Brook Lopez.

In a minute I’ll give reasons on how this project could fail but I try to keep positive. Deron Williams is awesome. I hate the guy but he’s awesome, I must say. Joe Johnson on his day is the 3rd best shooting guard in the league, especially since he is vying to lose his ‘Iso Joe’ name this season, Gerald Wallace has an engine bigger than a Cadillac, but their frontcourt is very limited in my opinion.

Now, to the negativity.

  • Brook Lopez will probably get injured.
  • Gerald Wallace will get too many concussions.
  • Deron Williams will request a trade.
  • Jay-Z will be exposed as a member of the illuminati (that’s a joke, a joke.).


Joking aside though there are positives and negatives to basing a team on youth or money. Money often provokes greed and negativity, Youth often breeds inconsistency and negative media coverage. In the end, if any of the teams I mentioned at the start make the Playoffs there season was a huge success, even if they get swept in the first round by the Bobcats.

Finally to wrap up the series, my closing points.

  • The Oklahoma City Thunder are going to win the title.
  • LeBron James will be MVP.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers’ season will fall apart.
  • Damian Lillard will be rookie of the year.
  • This seasons draft class was the second best, ever.
  • There are a lot of youth/money based playoff pushing teams with serious ambitions.
  • Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries are overrated.

And if all my lists haven’t bored you to death, here’s a few predictions I’ve made for the coming season.

  1. Kyrie Irving, Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings will all be Allstars.
  2. Roy Hibbert will win the DPOY award.
  3. Depending on if he starts or not, Jordan Crawford will win 6th man of the year.
  4. Raymond Felton or OJ Mayo will win Most improved player.
  5. The Knicks will win the championship (hopefully.).

Whenever you’re bored or stressed, just remember, the place Where Amazing Happens is never too far away (Unless you live in Ireland like I do, but you get the point.).


Let me know what you think

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