Maximum Output.

To be honest, my hopes of being a pro baller vary from day to day. Now, when you look at most basketball magazines or websites, there is always advertisements for either Nike Hyperfuse or Adizero’s, they’re always on about lighter and faster.


But my basketball shoes (Nike Max Air 40s.) are neither really. They’re comfy, supportive, breathable and they got swag (hehe.). I have no problem with them in fact, I rather them to the AdiRoses I had earlier this year, as they gave me multiple foot injuries, because of their lack of support.


What I mean by ‘Maximum Output’ is that soon will players be playing in their feet??!! I’m serious, this is stuff is too light and too cut back. An example of this is the NFL. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers suffered 3 concussions in his MVP season, mostly because anytime he ran with the ball he was hit by some bruiser (The Lions’ linebacker, Landon Johnson, for example.), because he can travel so fast and these defensive players can get so big. In the NFL this season, they’ve got new uniforms made by Nike and my friend made the point that they’re aren’t uniforms any more, it’s scuba gear! I’d almost go far enough to say, that this is dangerous. There’s a line and soon it’ll be crossed.


Just look at cycling. Lance Armstrong, the Michel Jordan of their sport, was disgraced after a report by Usada broke out about him taking performance enhancing drugs. Now in fairness, cycling has cleaned up a huge amount thanks to the USA Anti-doping agency and the UCI, but it had been plagued by drugs and it has left a huge dent in the sports international reputation. People were forced to take these drugs because of the competition becoming so hard people felt like they had to do drugs to get ahead.

I really don’t want this to happen to my beloved basketball but I feel like it’s on the already beginning to happen. I don’t know if you agree with me but lightweight shoes and uniforms are just the start, I just hope I’m wrong. People should rely on hard work not on their equipment or supplements!


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  1. timcoyne says:

    excellent post dimes!!!!

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