The second rounder.

Manu Ginobli, Jeremy Lin, Ben Wallace, Michael Redd, Rashard Lewis, Isaiah Thomas, Gilbert Arenas and Carlos Boozer all got drafted in the 2nd round, or didn’t get drafted at all. Pretty surprising huh? You’d think they we’re all first-rounders but no, they weren’t.


This year, there are plenty of players that were drafted in the 2nd round, that easily could’ve been early first rounders. 

Now there are plenty for me to talk about but at the request of Kyle Cunningham I’ll talk about about his hero, Jae Crowder. 


‘With the 34th fourth pick in the 2012 NBA draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select: Jae Crowder.’

Yes, those were the words from David Stern that circulated through the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, on the 28th of June. Soon after the Cavs traded Jae to the Mavs for some players and draft picks.

If you asked Kyle, this was the worst decision in Cavaliers franchise history. I must say myself I wouldn’t have done it if I was Cleveland’s GM.

Lets look at Crowder. He’s a 6-6 beast of a small-forward and a rebounding machine (36 rebounds in 3 games along with 57 points in Marquette’s NCAA run (12rpg, 19ppg.).).

But he didn’t just walk into the Big East Player of the year, he had to attend South Georgia Tech Junior College, as no D1 colleges showed any interest in him. But soon he found out that the school wasn’t accredited and he had to find a different school, just after having a great season with them.

He transfered to Howard University where he won them their first National title, winning Junior College Player Of The Year on the way. Soon after he went on to Marquette. Last year (his Sophomore year.) was his breakout year as he became the jewel in Marquette’s crown averaging 17.6ppg and 7.9rpg, leading them to their first Sweet 16 since 2003 (led by Dwyane Wade.). 

The guy’s a legend. He’s the perfect role model for any aspiring athletes in any sport as his ‘Never give up’ attitude is one that should be mimicked.


(Thanks to SLAM magazine for some of that information.)



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