Some people are very inspiring. Some pictures are inspiring. Some quotes are inspiring. Some actions are inspiring.

I know I’ve been inspired when I get up off my ass and do something worth while.

For example I watched the Olympic marathon and I was so inspired by the runners, right after the race I ran 2 miles. Or another time I woke up early and stumbled across an Allen Iverson mixtape, I went straight to the court and practiced for 2 hours straight, after watching it.

Some people find different things inspiring. I find Nate Robinson’s attitude to basketball inspiring, I find Nelson Mandela inspiring.

But I’m not going to go ranting and raving about what I find inspiring. I want to focus on how to be inspired, how to be motivated. Some people, especially around New years time, go running or go to the gym but find it hard to stay motivated to do it. That’s where the inspiration works That’s when hard work, suffering and grit really matter. That’s when you have to do stuff even when you can’t breathe or stand up. That’s when you do things that can’t be done.


To be honest to be a great ball player, in my opinion, you need : Grit, Heart, A positive mental attitude, Motivation, Inspiration and a good work ethic. I can’t say I have all of those things, even though I strive to, but I think that once you find inspiration and continue to be motivated everything else comes easily. Look at all of the NBA players that come from harsh backgrounds. They’ve all found inspiration in the smallest of things and became motivated so they could seek a better life. Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by, sometimes you must inspire yourself by doing something you usually don’t, like: Getting up early, Getting back on D with nothing left in the tank, Helping others and so on. So when you feel like you’ve been inspired cherish it and make the most of it. It may seem like inspiration is easy to come by, but if you take it for granted, it’s when you need it most it won’t be there.

Inspiration, in my mind, is hard to come by at times. But it is very useful. The power to inspire is huge. If you can inspire someone then you have a tremendous gift. Don’t take it for granted.



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