Once the Thunderstorm passes, the Lambs will graze…

So, tomorrow night the newest instalment of the NBA regular season will begin, I am really excited. I know for a fact that come tomorrow when I am coaching and playing I’ll be thinking about the NBA! This year the Association is pretty open, except for the Superteams: Miami and LA, and the lowly Magic on the other side, but otherwise most teams can make a legitimate Playoff push.


But for now, I’d like to focus on all this kerfuffle about James Harden being traded to the Rockets in Houston. People have been saying that OKC’s hopes of a title have been dashed by the trade but I do not think this is the case at all.


The Beardman had a stellar year last year that included a sixth man of the year award, an Olympic gold medal and an unsuccessful trip to the NBA finals. The guy has a consistent jumper, insane athleticism and a beard that’d put Bill Walton to shame! BUT, in my opinion the Thunder made the wisest decision of the offseason by trading the mercurial 2-guard. He had turned down a 52 million dollar four year deal offered to him by OKC, looking for 60 million, so they decided that in order to avoid contract and off-court troubles, trading him to Houston was the best option.

Of course, he’s a huge loss but at the same time, the same was said about the Jeff Green trade, which has paid off remarkably for those of Oklahoma City.

Now, lets look at what OKC got in return for James.


  • Kevin Martin.

Almost identical to Harden in playstyle at times, key player for the Rockets in recent seasons and has been in and out of the top 5/7 scorers for the last few years. One downside though, is that he is 29 years old and arguably past his peak.


  • Jeremy Lamb.

Entered the 2012 NBA draft after a rather dissapointing sophomore year with UConn though he had won the NCAA national championship with Kemba Walker in toe in his junior season. He is a dynamite perimeter shooter that can drop it from downtown in a hurry, he has bundles of talent and potential and could well be another cornerstone the Thunder’s young franchise.


In fact, all the Thunder have really done is get a Harden for now (Martin) and one for the future (Lamb). People have also ignored the fact that OKC also earned two first-round draft picks that could be very valuable, especially with Shabazz Muhammad and Nerlens Noel headlining the up and coming draft class.


Just wait ’till the storm blows over…..




Let me know what you think

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