New beginnings.


Was anyone watching the NBA last night?

I caught up on it this morning and noticed three players in particular that dominated when they weren’t necessarily expected to.

My favourite rookie, Damian Lillard broke out, and showed up with game in his first NBA appearance EVER against the early faltering Lake Show.


Up against Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant in the backcourt Lillard shone with 23 points along with 11 assists in a ten point win. Two of these points was a layup over Kobe with 0.01 left in the third. Just proving the point that I made in an earlier post about Lillard being the rookie with the most game and presence.

Jamal Crawford was acquired by the LA Clippers during the offseason this summer after his contract ran out after a so-so season in Oregon with the Blazers.


Last night in Memphis he was back to his old form when he won the sixth man of year award with the Atlanta Hawks, with twenty nine points in 30 minutes off the bench. At one point in the game Rudy Gay thought he could take Crawford. Bad idea. Crawford took the ball on the left side and started the Jamal Crawford shake and bake (Great move check it out on youtube sometime.). He dribbles to the top of the key hesitates and it a flash Gay is on the deck watching JC sink a leaner.

The most notable of this three is James Harden. In, what most people would consider it, a blockbuster trade he was sent to Houston two days before opening night because of arguments over contract details. Many believed Houston would have the best backcourt in the league whereas many others, myself included, thought he would struggle without the assistance of KD and co.


37 points and a W begs to differ. He went on fire against Detroit, proving the ‘haters’ wrong, while making me and the OKC GM go back a few steps in thinking this was a wise trade by Oklahoma. He really showed his true prowess as one of the top 2-guards in the league at the moment with consistent shooting and general play. With the Thunder he was used off the bench and he was the third option in relation to scoring but last night? The beard was feared. Jeremy Lin might’ve been feeling the pressure had been heaped on him but now, the only thing heaped on him are the amount of assists in his box score.

A new beginning to the season and a new beginning for rookies, veterans and star(?) players seems to have worked (Can’t say the same for Dwight Howard and the Lakers!!). Especially on the entertainment side of things.



Let me know what you think

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