The sweet taste of defeat.


So today I was at basketball camp in Westside. My day began at 9AM when I woke up ,very sleepy. My Mam drove me into Westside where I helped Matt Lint (Shoutout to Matt, great guy!) coach the younger kids in the morning until 12.30, then Dale showed up and we were shooting around until Joe asked us to clear the backroom and I managed to get a ‘vintage’ Titans competition t-shirt, after all that my age groups camp began.

But you aren’t here to read about how my day went (I hope!). Today my team got to the finals after having the best record and a semi-final rout by a score of 20-2.

But sometimes a defeat is more valuable than a win. We lost the finals 10-6 mostly because of Dale’s great defensive strategy and my inconsistent jumper (it was a size 6!!!), but my game overall was good. I dished some dimes to David, I made some layups and played some nice D, so if I had’ve won I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint my weaknesses and strong points and be able to improve from them, so next time Dale will be glued to the perimeter like it was the key.

Defeat is the key to success because if you win all the time you’ll never learn until a big defeat hits you when you should’ve won. A loss is as good as a win if you take something from it.

Winning isn’t everything, improving is.





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  1. Darragh Clifford says:

    shout out ? ? ? ? ? ?

  2. Paul Collins says:

    Yes, treat those twin imposters (Victory and Defeat) with the distain they both deserve and keep on keeping on.

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