Like a boss.


The Knicks are going to win the NBA championship this season. There are no two ways about it, consider Larry O’Brien’s spot in the trophy cabinet already cleared.

Everyone remembers Carmelo Anthony’s spectacular performances in London during the summer right? Well he’s brought his A-game to MSG too. Just ask LeBron.

The first Knicks championship was won in 1970 and the second and last was won in ’73. In a roundabout way you can compare the 1970 team to the 2012 team. Felton (Frazier.), Kidd (DeBusschere.), Melo (Earl ‘The Pearl’.), Amar’e (Reed.) and Chandler (.). Now to be honest that’s not the most accurate comparison as that was a team stacked with Hall of Famers but at the same time, this current team is championship-calibur in my opinion. Especially with Mike Woodson calling the shots, instead of D’Antoni whho had no control over the players.


As I write this the Knicks have just beaten the Philadelphia 76ers by 16 points. They are unstoppable from 3 point land, I don’t think Steve Novak even knows what a two pointer is! These first two games obviously don’t tell the full story about how the Knicks’ season is headed but by the *very early* looks of it all, the Knicks are going to be awesome this year.

With Raymond Felton (Who’s well in shape by the way.) at the point, Iman Shumpert (When back from injury.) or JKidd at the starting two spot, Melo at small forward, Amar’e as power forward and Tyson Chandler in the middle with the three point assasins like JR and Steve Novak off the bench, the Knicks are pretty intimidating on offence as well as defense. Against the HEAT they made a total of 19 three-pointers (57 points.), and they played a lot like they did towards the end of last season.


It seems as though this will be a quiet season for NY off-court (But in NO WAY do I guarantee it!) and therefore, they’ll be able to focus on putting the ball in the basket rather than pen to paper etc.

To win it all, all they have to do is punk teams like they did the HEAT. They got game, they got swag, they got a helluva lot a shooters and they got BOSS mentality.




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