Lets get to the POINT.

Who’s the greatest point guard ever?

Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Isiah Thomas, Oscar Robertson? 

Kevin Johnson?




Sweeping statements are my thing but this is too far.

Kevin Johnson isn’t the best point guard ever. Or is he?

What’s a point guards job? To bring the ball up the court, pass the ball, and score on occasion. Now in the modern game, scoring is more important to point guards but the basis is still the same. A point guard should be able to pass, dribble and shoot.


Kevin Johnson is the best point guard ever by job description, basically. If you want to model your game on someone (As a point guard.), model it around KJ. Nowadays, there are two types of point guards, Passing ones and scoring ones (With the exception of CP3.), and when people miss a shot or don’t pass they blame their ‘playstyle’. “I’m a passer” or “I have to score no one else can.”.KJ was both. He was on two teams his whole career (Cavs and Suns.), but spent practically all of his career in Phoenix. During his 11 year stint in the league he played on a team with players like; Charles Barkley, Eddie Johnson, Tom Chambers and Jason Kidd. But he’s still managed to be a star player for the Suns during this tenure also. He has three Allstar appearances to his name along with an Olympic gold, in which he led the team in assists.


One should completely copy KJ’s style, because the game is crying out for it! Players are branded one ‘playstyle’ or another and end up limiting themselves by using their reputation as a crutch for their mistakes and shortcomings.

Take Rajon Rondo and Allen Iverson. Rondo is probably the best passer in the game right now but struggles to put points on the board when his team needs him to. He has an inconsistent jumpshot, probably because when he was a kid coaches didn’t pick it out in his game because of his passing ability. Then on the other side of the coin is Allen Iverson (My coach Brendan’s favourite player.). Now, I love AI, but at times when he wasn’t making shots or turning the ball over he couldn’t acknowledge the fact that he had to pass the ball and sometimes he just didn’t have the ability to. This is also probably built on a mentality that was drilled into him as a child that he was the best scorer and passing wasn’t a necesity in his game. And it’s not just in the NBA, I see it myself in my own game and in my own club, people branding themselves and making excuses because of their ‘playstyle’.


Kevin rarely led a team in scoring, but he wasn’t just a passer. He was never the STAR player but he got double teamed on occasion. He is 18th in all-time assists but yet isn’t considered an out and out passer. For example, in his senior year in high school he led all scoring in the state of California with 32.8PPG. The reason I say he’s the greatest point guard by job description is because he never leaned on one side of his game to gain accolades, publicity, and fame he just just put the ball on the floor and played. He was never branded a passer or a scorer. Of course, depending on who was on his team he veered a little from one side to the other but over the course of his career he is probably the most rounded point guard, ever in the NBA. And not only on offense, look up his defensive performance against the great Chicago Bulls during game 3 of the 1993 NBA Finals (The game went to triple OT and the Suns won out in the end, mostly because of Johnson’s defense on MJ.). Also Kevin punked Magic Johnson and the Lakers in 1990 knocking them out of the playoffs 4 games to 1, with a memorable performance both defensively and offensively against Magic..


KJ7 is the model point guard to base your game on. Never mind Magic. Never mind Nash. Never mind Stockton.




The greatest POINT guard ever.


Let me know what you think

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