Every little helps.

We’ve all heard the stories of people getting up really early and practicing for hours before school or work. I think they’re great stories of hard work and inspiration but at the same time, for some people they seem unrealistic and hard to match.


‘Most great shooters’ workouts start near the basket.’ – Jonathan Pesaitis (I’m pretty sure it’s not his line but he says it a lot!).

That’s in relation to form shooting. At the moment I’m in the midst of an argument with my coach Brendan that involves field goal percentages and stuff like that and it’s astounding that the greatest shooters ever have Field goal percentages of .45 and .50 at most. Imagine spending all that time perfecting your jumper to only make (At most.) half of the ones you take during a game. But, this isn’t a reason to just quit perfecting your form and your J. All you need is about an hour/halfhour every few days to practice your form and the improvement is HUGE!


Another thing that only takes a small amount of time and effort is ballhandling. The Pistol Pete drills are fantastic for perfecting your handle and your quickness and reactions. Ones crossover becomes a true ankle breaker after a little bit of practice.

Don’t try and over do it in little spots by waking up really early and training for hours, once a month (Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome if you can do it almost everyday.). It’s much more beneficial to practice in short spurts over a long period of time.

The difference is huge after a while, your game will be much more polished and perfected.


‘Every little helps.’ – Tesco.


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