Favourite players play a huge role in prospering players’ games and lives. I have two favourite players for two different reasons.

1. Nate Robinson simply for his attitude, his size, his play and positive mental state.


2. Paul George (Who this is based on.) who is a monster of a Shooting guard/Small forward. At 6-8 and 221 pounds George is one of the most exciting prospects in the league at the moment. He was impressive last year, really stepping it up from his rookie season with averages of 12.1PPG, 2.4PPG, 5.6RPG, 1.6 SPG and 0.6BPG in 29.7MPG. Of course they’re not Allstar quality numbers but they’re reasonably solid for a player that isn’t frequently used on offence. George can guard a 6-0 point guard just as well as any point guard and is a superb perimeter defender.


The real reason Paul George is my favourite player though is because of an article I read in SLAM magazine about him recently. In it it spoke of his high school and college careers and his mental attitude towards offence and defense in games. His high school coach said that he was always worried about what his teammates thought of him and therefore he was very nervous in getting involved on offence and felt like he could only express himself on D, but in his senior year after all the other seniors had left his coach told him the offence was going through him and it was up to him to take the shots if he wanted the team to win games. I can relate to George’s mentality. I’m not nervous on D and I feel like I can take anybody but when it comes to offense this nervousness applies that if you screw up, getting a turnover or missing a shot, you’re going to get hammered by your teammates. It’s stupid because ball is my life and to let a mental block like this really affect your game and stop you from shining isn’t good enough. At the same time there has to be an atmosphere of freedom on offence that you can take shots or try things and not get an absolute lacing if you mess it up.


But back to George again, after being told this by his coach he knew that this was his only chance, not only for him but his team. The coach wasn’t asking him to ballhog or be a one man team but to become a leader and a talisman for his team to look up to. After this he led his team to a State championship an amassed about 30 points a game for his team also.

Now George is in the same situation in Indiana like he was in Cali. His team are calling out for someone that isn’t Danny Granger and they aren’t dying for someone to step up on D (Roy Hibbert.). George has proven himself as a defensive specialist and he has offensive flair (He dropped a career high 30 points on the Mavs midway through last season.), but he just needs to show it to the public and more importantly opposing defenses.

George is also one of the most ferocious dunkers in the NBA and in my opinion he should’ve won the dunk contest last year.


But this isn’t just about me and Paul George it’s about what favourite players mean to ordinary people.

Darragh Clifford loves Blake Griffin because of his dunks and funny sense of humour off the court.


Jake Tiernan’s favourite player is Steve Nash, Jonathan Pesaitis’ is LeBron James and Ronan McKeown’s is CP3 and they all try to model their games around them.


Tim Coyne’s favourite player is Allan Houston who embodies the Knicks spirit.


Eoin Coughlan adores DRose because he represents Chicago and is the life and soul of the Bulls.


And finally Sarah Grealish loves Dwight Howard. Because he’s amazing I was told.



Let me know what you think

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