Wiggins World.

Canada? Basketball? Canada? Anything?

When I hear about basketball in Canada two things instantly pop into my head.

  • Steve Nash.
  • The Toronto Raptors (Who have been described as ‘utterly screwed’ this year.).

Andrew Wiggins. A 6-7 small forward from Toronto. The greatest Canadian high schooler ever and is the top rated prospect in America(!) after he reclassified to the class of 2013, rocketing to the top past Jabari Parker to name but one. Wiggins has a LeBron-esque ability of being able to dominate the floor at any given moment during a game, he is unstoppable off the drive, a ferocious dunker but his jumpshot needs work. Wiggins though no doubt is one of the most exciting prospects ever especially since he isn’t American.


Wiggins’ success doesn’t stop at the high school scene, as he has lead his Canadian national team to numerous memorable victories. His AAU outfit ‘CIA Bounce’ are a force to be reckoned with and it will be exciting to see how well he performs with his school (Huntington) team.

But Wiggins doesn’t just shine because of his successes. In an article written by SLAM they described a play by Wiggins at the LeBron James skills academy, in which Wiggins beat his man, drove baseline, skied for the dunk (Making The King James, who was in attendance, rise from his seat.), but missed it spectacularly. Yet, he was lauded for his ability to have the courage to pull a move like that off.


But Wiggins’ future isn’t guaranteed to be successful. He first has to have a stellar senior season to maintain his No. 1 spot because there are players like Jabari Parker (Who has also garnered many LeBron comparisons.), The Harrison Twins and Julius Randle all ready to snap it up form under his feet. The he will probably reach a D1 NCAA college team and will have mixed fortunes depending on how he adapts to the college game. Then comes the NBA and a transition period that could make or break his career.


But Wiggins’ story is happening right now. He could use his tremendous talent and potential to inspire a generation of aspiring hoopheads. The future of Canadian basketball looks very bright especially with Wiggins at the helm and with our own Seamus and Maeve Garrity tearing up the U16,18 and 20 leagues here in Galway!

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