50 things we’ve learned.


The season is about 10 games in for most teams and there are a couple of patterns beginning to show in regards to a few teams and players.

1. Dwight Howard is trying to be Wilt.


2. Kobe is still carrying the Lakers.
3. James Harden isn’t as good as everyone thought.
4. Damian Lillard’s a pro.
5. The Knicks and Grizzlies are for real.

6. Paul George can’t carry the Pacers (Sadly.).

7. Mike Woodson’s offence didn’t suit the Lakers.
8. Jamal Crawford is breaking everyone’s ankles.
9. The Clips have the best bench in the league.
10. The Bulls can only rely on DRose.
11. The Wizards suck.
12. The Bobcats have game.
13. The Brooklyn Nets are better than the Nets from New Jersey.
14. Andrew Bynum’s an idiot.

15. MKG’s got game.
16. Harrison Barnes is finally living up to the hype it seems.
17. Brad Beal isn’t ready to lead a team just yet.


18. OKC aren’t as good as last year.


19. Philly are the same as last year practically.
20. The Celtics are struggling.
21. The Spurs (Once again.) are still a force to be reckoned with.
22. Marcin Gortat can’t play without Nash.
23. The TWolves will make the Playoffs even without Rubio.
24. Kemba Walker’s clutch, and has a mean crossover.

25. Darko Milicic is not better than Carmelo Anthony.
26. One should never leave a Knick open for 3.
27. Brandon Roy’s return doesn’t seem to be going to plan.
28. Cameramen shouldn’t be as close to the court (Ask Jason Richardson.).
29. Dwight Howard can’t make free throws.
30. The Knicks mightn’t be as good with Amar’e back.
31. Carmelo Anthony is a legetmit candidate for MVP.


32. Russell Westbrook is one of the strangest players to don an NBA shirt.
33. Greg Monroe could co-exist with Andre Drummond.
34. Jodie Meeks should never EVER try and take a charge against Terrence Jones.

35. KD can get triple-doubles.
36. Rondo is the best passer in the league.
37. Soon he could be the best passer ever.
38. Anthony Davis has yet to start off.
39. The Raptors still aren’t very good.
40. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have finally began to rebound.

41. The Clips have lost the ‘Lob City’ name and are winning games in a hurry.
42. The Pistons also suck.
43. Danny Granger IS actually important to the Pacers.
44. Brandon Jennings is a leader.

45. Kenneth Faried is serious.
46. Kawhi Leonard is the future of San Antonio.
47. Nick Young’s a damn good shooter.
48. I was wrong about Brook Lopez, he has game.
49. The HEAT’s fastbreak is still unstoppable.
50. OJ Mayo and Darren Collison are a fine combination.


Prepare for more of these throughout the season.




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