The swish


The touchdown

The shot

The tackle

The leap

The ripple of the net

The sweat

The tears


The ecstasy

For someone who doesn’t participate in sport or is not affiliated in sport, some people’s reactions to sporting actions seem damn silly.

‘It’s only a game.’

To some people, including me, it’s more than a game. In my case, basketball, it’s a way of life, it’s a culture, it’s something big. Of course there’s more to life than basketball, it just doesn’t matter as much. In my mind some people’s attitude towards improvement in sport is extremely important in how they lead the rest of their lives. A lot of the time people forget the health benefits of sport. And I don’t just mean physical health I mean mental and social health. Sport saves people’s lives. It’s an outlet for stress, anger and upset. Even when you’re upset about sport, sport can be the answer, it is to me.


I love basketball. I love the game. I love the people. I love the look. I love the music. I love the league. It helps me love life. It shows me what’s good in the world. It shows me that hard work pays off. It shows me that when you’re down things can pick up. It shows me how cruel life can be sometimes. Basketball is bigger than the court. Basketball is global. Basketball doesn’t end after the buzzer. In fact, basketball begins before the buzzer. That’s where you grind. That’s when it’s one more pushup. One more shot. One more play. One more sprint. One more hour. One more game. One more excuse not to leave the game.

Yes there is study. Yes there is school. Yes there is girls. But I don’t care how pig headed or ignorant I sound basketball will always be the main ingredient of my life. I feel safe on the court, with the rock in my hands. No one can stop me from doing what I do. That’s why I strive to be the best so when I eventually step on the court people can say ‘He got game’. I want to be noticed, I want to stand out from the crowd, from the idiots, from the best. I will be the best. Consider it a promise, from this day forward I will be the best.


Accepting failure is failing to succeed.

For you.



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