Get your head straight.

OK so now that you have delved this far into my blog there’s a couple of things you need to know about me that’ll explain some things that may have puzzled you up to now.

  • Paul George is my favourite player.
  • Quincy Miller is a beast.
  • I’m a huge Knicks fan.
  • I worship Nate Robinson and Isaiah Thomas.


  • Allen Iverson is the greatest.
  • I have a Duke #2 jersey therefore I have to acknowledge Nolan Smith.
  • I’m a Georgetown fan, yes mostly because of AI.
  • I hate Dwight Howard with a passion.
  • I think Kawhi Leonard could eventually be the best defensive player ever in the future.


  • There is a bit of a conflict between me and Paul Pierce.
  • The Pistons of ’04 were awesome.
  • I hate the Boston Celtics also.
  • I think Kobe’s the second best player ever.
  • I used to hate MJ, but I’ve come around to the idea that he’s the GOAT.
  • I used to be a Magic fan but D12 ruined my opinion of them.
  • SLAM magazine is my religion.
  • I really respect Carmelo Anthony.


So anyway the Knicks got back to winning ways last night against the Bucks last night, thank God.

But what I really want to talk about is the effect of emotion in sport and in basketball. We’ve all seen or heard about the little ‘brawl’ at the Celtics-Brooklyn game last night, which ended up with Rajon Rondo, Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries getting ejected. Rondo’s stupidity cost him his opportunity of beating Magic’s record for consecutive games with 10+ assists, which is 46 while Rondo’s stood at 37, tied second with John Stockton. I was really sad after hearing this news because I was looking forward to seeing something big like this record broken by a current player. Rondo has the ability to be great but antics like this are silly and really dent his reputation. In fact Rondo was in contention for MVP but his chances have been dashed by this latest fiasco.

Emotion sometimes takes over in sport. There are plenty of examples of this. Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt on Marco Materazzi in the World cup final 2006. The Malice at the Palace involving the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons. Lets take Zidane’s incident for example. He headbutted Materazzi who said something about Zidane’s family. Emotion took over and Zidane headbutted him. Zizou got sent off in his last game ever and France lost on penalties, much to Materazzi’s delight.


Then there’s the Malice at the Palace, where Ben Wallace was going for a dunk and Ron Artest (Of course.) pushed him and forced him to miss the dunk. A foul was called and soon Wallace began pushing Artest. A huge fight ensued between both teams and when all seemed to have cooled off a fan threw a drink at Artest who was doing his best to cool of on the announcers bench. Artest seen red and leapt into the stands and attacked the fan, Steven Jackson followed him and they had to be pulled of eventually by memebers of the Detroit Pistons. This incident contributed to huge rule changes in the whole of the NBA, all because Artest pushed Wallace.


Emotion takes over sometimes. I know myself. I got a technical from the bench during a competition in Limerick after a questionable call. I’m not proud of it and I let my team down. But sometimes emotion and anger in particular is much more powerful than any crossover, dunk or block on the court.

But they’re examples of anger, what about pure stupidity. Ahem *Thierry Henry*. This is a touchy subject to any Irish football fan. Remember. Paris. 1-1 on aggregate. 12 minutes into extra time. Penalties looming large. Up comes Thierry with two touches that have left a huge dent on his previously unblemished reputation. 2-1 on aggregate, France on the way to South Africa, Ireland are left to argue with the referee and ultimately despise Henry for the rest of his living days.


Or what about Emmanuel Adebayor’s antics when he scored against his former club Arsenal? Ade scored a goal for Man. City against the Gunners who he had left that summer, and ran the length of the pitch to celebrate right in front of the North Londeners’ fans, causing an uproar among Arsenal fans and ultimately getting himself a lengthy ban.


Then there’s upset. Usain Bolt, we’ve all heard of him right? Well when at the World championships in Daegu in 2011, he was in the 100m finals when he started falsely and was kicked out of the race. He tore off his shirt in upset. Or when Allen Iverson began to tear up when he announced he would be returning to the 76ers?


There’s more to sport than the court or pitch. There’s the pressure, the sentimental value, the atmosphere and the mental state you’re in.

But next time Rajon, let KG deal with Kris Humphries, I’m sure he could take him.




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