Those folks in Minneapolis.

Playing ball in the cold really makes me pity those poor folks in Minneapolis. Because what I think is cold here isn’t that bad over there. Their T-Wolves (Who are best repped in Ireland by Titans legend David Naughton.), are one of the most complicated teams in the NBA. I am writing this part on request from Dave and partly because of the time of year.


As I just said they have possibly the worst weather in America to play ball in so they don’t produce many stars (Kevin McHale being the only baller of note.), so there are no folks from Minneapolis on this team. They rely on a little Spanish kid and a Lovely guy from Cali.


But they started the season without their two stars because of a broken hand and a Kobe to the knee. You would think with a roster with a No. 2 pick, Peck, AK47, Brandon Roy and a few other useful players could fare pretty well? BRoy has practically retired (Again), DWill could only post a mere 10 points a game as a starter and the only guy that really stepped up was a rookie by the name of Alexey Shevd from Russia, at the same time they pulled together as a team and got some good results but no one really stood out or took it upon themselves to lead the team. Now KLove is back, they’re rolling again (Well as good as the TWolves can roll.) and Rubio’s knee is slowly but surely recovering. The TWolves can easily make the Playoffs if everyone remains injury free and healthy, it looked the same last year until Rubio’s horror injury. 


The Timberwolves in a way are probably the most interesting team in the league right now as to which direction they can go (They’re 9-9 currently. Better than the Lakers who used to reside in Minnesota.) because they have the pieces and a possible MVP who’s definitely the best PF in the game right now. But sometimes they rely on Love too much to do everything, most of the time he can (He can shoot, rebound, go hard in the paint and he can put the ball on the floor on occasion.), but the times when he’s struggling or off form no one can fill any of those gaps. Still Love, in my mind is a top 5 player in the league right now and he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Also a quick thing about Kevin he can put up with absolute idiots on the court as well (Russell Westbrook at UCLA, Michael Beasley etc…). 


Oh and sometimes the TWolves will struggle on the court but off the court they’re great. Look at this link it’s awesome, real heart warming stuff. 



Hope you liked that David.



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