Throwback Thursday: The year in hoops.

A lot has happened over the course of 2012 in the NBA and in basketball, a lot of which we’ve forgotten about. So here’s a look back on some of the big stories and happenings from the year.


BG on Perkins.


Need I say more?


When Jeremy Lin, an undrafted bench-warmer on the verge of quitting the game, went LINsane(!) leading the Knicks to a seven game win-streak, that included scoring a game winner with 0.06 left against the Raptors and putting his name up in lights. Since that began the Knicks won their first Playoff game in quite a while, Mike D’Antoni lost his job and Super LINtendo is now in Houston. He has mellowed and settled into a good point guard role for the Rockets since then, but no one will ever forget the hype around the Harvard grad.


LeBron and the HEAT’s big year.


This last season was the year where the most LeBron jokes and memes were made. The Akron boy who had quit the Cavs in search of glory in South Beach had failed miserably to overcome the Dallas Mavericks in the finals and soon began being questioned over his ability to perform on the clutch. Many mocked that he would never win a championship ring and that he was a grade A choker. His hairline was receeding, Skip Bayless wasn’t believing but LeBron stepped up to the plate. He, DWade and Chris Bosh demolished teams with their lockdown defense and unstoppable fastbreaks. LeBron was a unanimous MVP (His third.). The Playoffs came around the corner and they pushed the Knicks aside (Sadly.), the Pacers came calling and gave them a run for their money but they delivered. Even more so than the finals their series that went all the way to game seven against the C’s really gave them their real test of character and LeBron delivered when the chips were down. Soon the Thunder came rolling and seemed like the ones that could stop them but LeBron destroyed them quickly and painfully. Yes, his ring was deserved. But soon more questions will be asked. When that time comes, The King better be ready.


Gerald Green are you kidding me?!?!


Again, no description needed.

Isaiah V Kyrie.

I’m not sure if many people noticed this, it could’ve been just me, but there seemed like there was a battle for the ROY award between Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas. Of course Kyrie did deserve it in the end but it was interesting to see the 60th pick give 1st pick a run for his money especially when Ricky Rubio was out for half of the year. This also is about Kyrie and his phenomenal year as a rookie so don’t think I left him out. 


A license to Lillard.


I think at this point in time we all know that Damian Lillard will win the Rookie of the year award if he keeps ballin like he is. He plays like hes been in the league as long as Kurt Thomas, but at times his shot selection can let him down. But for a seventh pick he’s a complete and utter steal.

UK and the brow.


I remember this really well. The slow build up to what became an international phenom. The Uniblocker (Can’t make anymore puns because I’m pretty sure copyright forbids me to.). The best roster in the NCAA. I was at Jakes house for the final four and it was then when I saw the real beast in action. They faced Louisville and the optimum of his blocking prowess was shown in one foul swipe of a Peyton Siva floater, which was sent quite a distance away. Watching Anthony Davis play defense is like watching a Michael Jordan fallaway or listening to mozart, it’s beautiful. And don’t get me started on the rest of the talent? MKG’s dogged approach, Marquis Teague orchestrating things at the point, Terrence Jones (You’ve seen him destroy Jodie Meeks.) and Doron Lamb? Oustanding. Shoutout to coach Calipari for his recruiting skills.

Demolition men.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows that USA cruised to a gold medal at Olympics in London this summer. I don’t really need to say that much except for Kobe and LeBron didn’t have to do anything, Melo exploded and Harden should be ina wheelchair. Nuff said!!Image

The Laker$.

  1. Steve Nash.
  2. Kobe Bryant.
  3. Metta World Peace.
  4. Pau Gasol.
  5. Dwight Howard.

82-0 Right?

Wrong. 9-13, .409, 6.5 games back, one coach has already been given the axe and are ona three game slide.

Money isn’t the answer, unless you sign LeBron. *coughcoughMIAMIcoughcough*.


Hello Brooklyn.

Jay-Z got his Nets to BK. They have nice stadium, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson plus a huge rivalry with the Knicks. 



A huge twitter campaign ensued to let Jeremy Evans participate in the dunk contest when Iman Shumpert couldn’t partake in the action. Jeremy didn’t disappoint, winning the whole thing and putting on a show in what was an overall lackluster dukathon.


The worst team ever.


Michael Jordan sucked as a baseball. His team sucked last year. They, in fact, were the worst team EVER, now I know it was a shortened season but man they were awful. They picked it up quite a bit this year but, according to the history books, you can’t get worse than last years team. No offence MJ but stick to the game on the court.

More Bogut for your Buck.

In possibly the biggest name trade on deadline day, Monta Ellis got traded to the Bucks for Andrew Bogut. In my mind the backcourt connection of Jennings and Ellis is the most explosive in the league. I don’t see why a team would want the walking injury Andrew Bogut when you already have Stephen Curry who spends his fair amount of time in recovery.


Arrows to the knee.

This year plagued three players with injuries to the ACL’s (Rubio, Rose and Shumpert.), two on the same night. #TheReturn might be associated with DRose but it could work for the Spaniard and the Shump.


No more pizza rolls.

It all happened when James Harden declined a contract from the OKC Thunder wanting more money. Soon he packed his bags and headed to Dallas to meet up with JLin. His first two games 37 and 45 were successful. Since then he’s mellowed a bit but he’s a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile Russ and KD are getting it done with Kevin Martin in toe. 


Keep on truckin’ Pop.

Somehow the Spurs are still title contenders? Last year they were top of the West and got beaten in the end by OKC in the Conference finals. Tony Parker was the catalyst last year, but this season Timmy D has been the real hero. TP’s gamewinner over Ibaka this year also proves he still got it.


Empire state of Melo.

Overall 2012 has actually been pretty good for the boys in MSG. They got rid of Mike D’Antoni and have improved hugely on D. They’re winning games most importantly, especially to begin this season. Melo has grown up a huge amount especially since the Olympics and the whole team has developed a clutch element (Melo’s three to send the Bulls game on April 8th (The day after my birthday(!)), to OT, then his game winner in the same game, JR Smith’s buzzer beater against the Bobcats and JKidd’s super clutch four-point play against the Nets recently.). I must say at the moment being a Knicks fan is awesome.



And that’s it!! Let’s hope 2013 can bring even half of that excitement and Knicks success!!



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