50 things we’ve learned: Christmas edition.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


1. The Bobcats aren’t going to win the championship.

2. Ricky Rubio’s back.

3. Damian Lillard’s a boss.


4. Andrea Bargnani’s a moaner and a whiner. 

5. The Lakers are the weirdest team in the NBA.

6. Kobe is still the Lakers’ best player.

7. Nothing can stop the Clips.

8. The Rockets have mellowed quite a bit.

9. Don’t try and rip the ball from Amir Johnson.

10. New York is the Knicks’ city.


11. Kemba Walker is heating up.

12. The Wizards still suck.

13. Memphis aren’t as good as I thought they were.

14. OKC are way better than I thought they would be.


15. I take back any prior statements and I’m going for a Knicks championship.

16. Mo Williams is super clutch.


17. Timmy D has been getting it done.

18. Golden State are performing on the BIG stage.

19. Joe Johnson has game, no matter what anyone says. Just ask the Pistons.


20. Carmelo Anthony for MVP.


21. Kevin Love is getting growing pains in Minnesota.

22. ZBo is cleaning up on the glass, thus garnering the name ‘The garbageman.’

23. The only reason Kris Humphries tried to fight Rondo back is because he knew the assist streak would last longer than his marriage.

24. #NoMeloNoProblem. Ask Raymond Felton or Tyson Chandler.

25. Anderson Varejao is a monster. He could start on the Allstar team.


26. JaVale will never fully develop a brain but he can ball, at times.

27. DeMarcus Cousins is still a complainer. The new Dwight.

28. Andre Iguodala is better as a 2 guard in Denver than a 3 in Philly.


29. The Lakers mightn’t make the Playoffs.

30. All these whispers of the HEAT staying on top for years isn’t looking very realistic.

31. Jrue Holiday is a real leader.


32. The Celtics aren’t the Spurs.

33. The Spurs keep churning out quality young players.


34. The Lakers are in desperate need of a backup PG.

35. The Knicks miss Jeremy Lin as a player, but the overall team has benefited financially and on the court.

36. Joakim Noah has stepped up as a leader of the Bulls.

37. Even the Lakers’ bench would admit that Gerald Henderson owns DHoward.


38. The Lakers can step up. Against the Bobcats.

39. Jordan Crawford just needed some time, like last year, to get started.

40. Brad Beal is going to be a heck of a player.


41. Watch out guys there’s a new team in town. The Pelicans.

42. Stephen Curry is breaking out.

43. Don’t mess with Stephen Jackson, Serge, but we knew that already I suppose.

44. Udonis Haslem is really unheralded. All-time best rebounder from Miami?


45. Mike D’Antoni doesn’t really make the Lakers better than the last Mike did.

46. Anthony Davis still has the swat action in him.


47. Don’t let Nate sneak up behind you, MarShon.


48. Trip-Dubs are a common occurrence.

49. Copesanity is coming.


50. Dwight Howard gets dunked on a lot.



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