Tonight’s game Nets @ Knicks is another game in the NYK-BKN rivalry. It seems like a rivalry that has lasted as long as JaJuwan Howard’s career, yet there’s only been two games between the Nets and Knicks rivalry. Tonights game features plenty of matchups at all the spots and a lot banking on it in relation to conference and division records.

1. Raymond Felton Vs. Deron Williams.
As much of a beast Raymond Felton is this one goes to Deron Williams for his elite PG status. At the same time I wouldn’t bank on Raymond giving him an easy time all night.


2. Jason Kidd/JR Smith Vs. Joe Johnson.
The reason I have JR and JKidd in the same category here is because the Nets’ sixth man isn’t a 2 guard. This is a hard one because Joe Johnson has always had his streaks, especially this year but he’s been clutch. JR provides plenty of scoring and energy and JKidd is a great leader. As well as that both have performed in the clutch this year. This one goes to the NYK.


3. Carmelo Anthony Vs. Gerald Wallace.
I know that Melo starts at the 4 but Wallace will be picking him up. Most people would hand this to Melo on first look but Wallace is a much better defender than Melo. This year though Melo has been the model team player in comparison to previous versions of himself. This goes to Melo because he’s having a career year and he’s a better player.


4. Brewer/Copeland Vs. Humphries/Evans.
Brewer isn’t a PF but I had to put him somewhere. This matchup is a tie because the Knicks duo are scorers and the Nets’ duo are rebounders. Nuff said.


5. Tyson Chandler Vs. Brook Lopez.
Personally I’d go for Tyson Chandler in a heartbeat and I’m extremely bias when it comes to the Knicks but I’m trying my best to be fair here. But Brook Lopez is a poor defender and as a center, which in my opinion is the backbone of any defense, that isn’t great. He can put points on the board and he’s been playing well this year. But Chandler, especially this year, isn’t as one dimensional as people think he is. He is the reigning DPOY and he’s a huge anchor inside on D but his work on the boards is a huge help on the defensive AND offensive side. I mean he’s averaging 12.9 points a game this year. Chandler gets this on his overall game.


6. Bench.

Knicks in a landslide, even though the Nets have MarShon Brooks.


7. Stadiums.

Knicks again in a landslide.


8. Jay-Z Vs. Spike Lee.

I give this to Spike because he reps his team better. As well as that Jay is a bit of a rook in this field at the moment.


9. Fans.



10. Overall.

Knicks. Of course they’ll win they have Chris Copeland. COPEsanity.


Yes you could go to an unbiased comparison but mine is till better.




Let me know what you think

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