Winter Hoops.

T-shirt. T-shirt. Jersey. Hoodie. Shorts. Fat man pants. Shoes. After a long day of shooting around in the cold and wet taking off the layers and layers of clothes to have a shower really makes you wonder how you managed to dribble the ball with that much clothes on. It’s times and weather like this that you struggle to motivate yourself to do anything, never mind shoot hoops. And this is mostly because of the weather. I mean there is actually a form of depression that you get from bad weather! Usually I don’t really mind Irish weather and I don’t complain about it but lately it’s been so bad. I mean during the week at one stage I was so annoyed by it that an LA Christmas seemed better. The weather trolling me is one thing but taking it out on the sport of basketball is too far!

That is the effect of the wind on a backboard of a hoop in a court near my house. Thank god I use the other hoop or otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do.
This the time to work on the physical side of your game, pushups, situps and that sort of stuff. If you’re really keen on improving that side of your game look into Crossfit and their stuff. A lot of NBA players do it, like Jason Terry, Jameer Nelson and Isaiah Thomas (The current one, not the disgrace of a GM.).

So if it’s Dwight Howard you want to he strong like or have the speed of Derrick Rose work on it. Anything’s possible.


Let me know what you think

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