BIG colour.

Christmas time in the NBA produces some great moments in-game and off the court. It also produces some really cool looking shoes. I mean it’s mostly in the colourways but it’s cool to see the NBA in Christmas colours.

Not only the shoes but the jerseys and some of the other stuff.

My pick of the lot were Rondo’s Nike hyperposites.

The jerseys were pretty cool as well as the ads for BIG colour by adidas,
check that out!

But this wouldn’t be much of a wrap up of the year without a mention of the Knickstape. On new years day Stoudemire and Melo are back and Shumpert has just began practicing again. With orange jerseys like this the future couldn’t be brighter – LITERALLY!

Shootout to those guys in lob city getting it done!

And happy birthday to LeBron James. He’s the best on earth at the moment, so he deserved this mention!


Thanks to SLAM for some of the images! Have a great 2013!!




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