Orange blood on the Emerald isle.

Ok before I get into this, don’t worry I amn’t quitting this and just updating it the odd time. I haven’t been using a computer or laptop for the last two weeks because of school holidays and basketball.


So now that that’s out of the way.

I was following all of the hype surrounding last night’s encounter in the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs between the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins closely and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Although RGIII’s knee was busted him and Russell Wilson really went at it. And what about that TD from ‘Beast mode’ MarShawn Lynch?


I don’t know that much about NFL and football but I do know a little about the Seahawks because they’re my team. 


Back to basketball. Knicks-Celtics tonight, I can’t wait. Coming from Ireland I’m not forced to support the C’s but hating them does seem like a bit of a silly move. Still rule number 1 of being a Knicks fan is that you have to hate the Celtics. I mean I’ve had conversations with Knicks fans about how much we hate Boston. This hatred for Boston has generated some great arguments between me and my Boston native friend, Darragh. I wouldn’t call him a die-hard fan, but he loves his Celtics. The Celtics and Knicks have produced some great games and series, like the Bernard King-led team of 1984 taking on Larry Bird and co. or the 1990 series in which Patrick Ewing led a surpirse turnaround victory. 


I rather the Knicks to the C’s this year because of their shooting threat. Even though the Knicks won’t need to rely on their outside game tonight because of Boston’s lack of D inside, it’ll still be a huge factor in who wins this matchup tonight.

The game comes down to two key matchups. JKidd-Rondo and KG-Chandler. We all know that Rondo will probably play better than Kidd but Kidd has the ability to slow him down. Last year, Rondo was the sole reason for a Celtics victory when Jeremy Lin simply couldn’t take him and Rondo got a fantastic triple double. 


Tyson Chandler vs Kevin Garnett is also an interesting matchup as Chandler has been one of the key reasons for the Knicks’ success. I think Chandler can take KG on defense but Chandlers ability to stop KG’s dominance inside when the Knicks have the ball will be tough. Also there will be a real tussle for the ball but I think Chandler will be able to handle KG overall.


So I can see the KnicksTape taking this one, especially when they’re in the Garden (13-3).


Also Christmas was kind to me and I have a nice pair of Air Max CB34’s to prove it.




Let me know what you think

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