Where amazing happens 2013 revisited.

Ok lets flash back to when this blog was just a baby and I wrote one of my first posts ‘Where amazing happens.’ Remember that? Well it was a three part series and I gave my predictions on the end of season awards. Now, we’re at the midpoint in the current season and here’s how my predictions stack up now.

I said the Lakers would suck, and what do you know? They do.


OKC for the title seems legit since they were the first team to win 30 games.


LeBron for MVP? Nah. It’s a toss between CP3 and KD but at the moment KD gets my vote for his team’s position.


I also don’t see the rivalry between the HEAT and Thunder’s duos panning out as I had predicted.

My wildcards for the title were the Knicks(!!!) and the Pacers who still are realistic choices in my opinion.


I tipped Dame Lillard for the ROY award and I think I hit the nail on the head.



I also picked Drummond and I think if he gets more minutes he’ll be in contention because he has some serious efficiency for the limited time he is getting on the floor. #FREEDRUMMOND!!


Next I said that the season could go two ways for teams like the Kings and Nets. I personally, thought the Kings would have a decent year but I listed a possible downside as Cousins causing problems and offcourt issues regarding location and stadiums as another. I can’t say much for the Nets because I don’t like the organisation. End of.


Also I said that Roy Hibbert would win DPOY but I don’t think he will. I pick either Tyson or Larry Sanders.


I said either Felton or Mayo would win MIP and Mayo isn’t exactly a million miles away from that piece of hardware.


Not too shabby eh?



Let me know what you think

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