Injury time.

Raymond Felton.
Derrick Rose.
Danny Granger.
Anderson Varejao.
Brandon Rush.
Kevin Love.
Rasheed Wallace.
Andrew Bynum.
Channing Frye.
Mo Williams.
What do all the players have in common?


Torn ACLs, broken pinkies, enlarged aortas, broken hands, various knee injuries and many other are the plight of many players each year. It affects teams, divisions and conferences but most of all, it affects the actual players and their mindsets. Injuries bring out the best and worst in players, in regards to their maturity and mental toughness.


Injury is the most frustrating thing, that can happen to an athlete in my opinion. It’s an uncertain return, sometimes you can return too early and reaggravate it or return too late and lose a lot skill and shooting form.
As well as that some returns can be disappointing as players can be very rusty and nervous.


Little niggling injuries like those affecting Carmelo Anthony all season and me lately for that matter, are also part of the game but can affect someone’s confidence and consistency.


All I’m really saying is that however big or small an injury is, don’t let it get you down. Push on. ‘Win from within.’


Let me know what you think

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