The good, the bad and the downright ugly.

As we approach the Allstar break and are at around the midpoint in the NBA I’m taking a look at some of the more surprising and disappointing moments from what this years campaign has had to offer.



Remember when the Knicks were the last unbeaten team at the start of the year? Of course things were bound to slow down a little, due to injuries and suspensions, but overall the NYK have proved that they’re an elite team.


Lob city Clips, Lob Lob city Clips.

16-game win streak? Sublime. Chris Paul’s play? Amazing. The red and blue side of LA have been much more impressive than there yellow counterparts.


Michael Beasley’s emm. yea…

After being signed in the offseason by the Suns to be their new franchise player after Nash’s departure, Beasley has failed to impress. 10.5 points a game? Still his improved off-court image has been one bright spot.


Paul George’s and Indiana’s emergence as one of the NBA’s elite.

My man Paul George is getting it done.


So are the Pacers. David West is an arguable Allstar snub but most people (Including me, who was in fact, ecstatic.) were happy with Paul George’s name on the Eastern conference reserves.


Derrick Rose is an obvious name thrown up by the word injury but now other stars are in suits on the bench. Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo, Pau Gasol, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are all sidelined at the moment. Though there have been a few returns at the same time.


Brooklyn’s strange season. 

The Brooklyn Nets went from almost having a failure of a season, to an Avery Johnson-less playoff contending team. 


Many players’ unexpected breakouts.


What do Larry Sanders, Anderson Varejao, Jimmy Butler, Jrue Holiday, OJ Mayo, Nikola Vucevic, Kemba Walker, JJ Hickson and Stephen Curry all have in common? They’re all having phenomenal career years and could all be strong candidates for the most improved player award.





The Houston Rockets have been a formidable outfit this year. Sorry, James Harden has been a formidable outfit. He’s had a seriously high player usage rate and has led the Rockets to a decent record. Harden has made his first Allstar team this year and in my opinion could be a pick for the MVP award in future years.

Does Kevin Durant have a mean streak?

The answer is yes and he’s showing us all. KD isn’t that nice guy we all thought he was. After the tough defeat last year to the HEAT in the finals KD has hung up his smile and put on his gameface. It is often sighted after a dunk over Marcin Gortat.


Joe Johnson’s awesome plays.


As the name of this blog is ‘The Ankle Breaker’ you would assume Jamal Crawford would be the leader in the highlight catergory but iso Joe made Paul Pierce fall over. A behind the back that crushed Chris Bosh’s prehistoric ankles and a couple of clutch shots and gamewinners has put him atop my favourite plays list so far this year.



Dame’s dash.

Damian Lillard’s quick ascension to the top of the rookie ladder wasn’t expected by many (Me not included.), but he has proved all of his doubters wrong and will be a force to be reckoned with in the league for a long time.


Warriors are finally ready for battle.

After plenty of ill-timed injuries and godawful basketball, Golden State has emerged as a legimate Playoff candidate. Assuming Steph Curry stays healthy (But don’t hold your breath.), the Warriors could go deep into the postseason.


Shoutout to former Knick David Lee who made the Western conference Allstar team. Also Curry was a huge snub for the Allstar game.

Drama King.

DeMarcus Cousins. Huge talent, small brain. All I can say to him, (And this goes to all the other brainless big men; Dwight, JaVale and Bynum.) Check your head! Meanwhile in Sacramento the rumours of a move to Seattle are getting realer by the day.


Good start, but that’s it.

The Orlando Magic are in the midst of an 11 game losing streak. Before that it was a ten game slide. Meanwhile in Charlotte they’re good start has been eclipsed by their current record: 11-36. Simply said; a good draft pick awaits. Unless the Pelicans can swoop in and grab it like last year.


The dark knight rises. 

After breaking his nose midseason, Kyrie donned a black facemask when he and the Cavaliers headed to MSG to take on the Knicks. He dropped 42 in a loosing effort but he was amazing.


His Allstar selection was a surprise to none and Uncle Drew is showing all the young bloods how to get it done.

Memphis trade Gay.

Well that’s all this was about. Memphis trading Rudy Gay to Toronto for Ed Davis and Jose Calederon, who was acquired by the Pistons for the final remaining member of the ’04 Pistons title team.


Some rise some fall.

This is about the rooks. Standouts so far have been; Lillard (Obviously.), Drummond, Davis, Beal, COPEsanity (!!!!!!), Sullinger (Who’s been ruled out for the season with a back injury.) and Shved. Then there have been players like Barnes, Valanciunas, Ross, Singler, Kidd-Gilchrist, Henson, Waiters, Harkless and Zeller have been consistent and players like Robinson, Lamb, Jones III, Rivers, Jenkins, Marshall have failed to impress. Overall thought the rookie class of this year has been impressive. 


Los Angeles failers.


‘Nuff said.

That’s halfway, let’s hope for at least half of the excitement after the Allstar break!




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