Road trip.

Right now, I feel like an NBA star, on the plane to a road game, that happens to be in Kaunas in Lithuania. But you know it’s close enough.
So let me give you the low down. We are in the midst a four-game, four-day road trip to Lietuva. I’m excited. We’re going to be ballin’ for a whole week in a different country. Of course our teams success depends on the standard of our opponents but then it’s down to us to bring our game.
It’s a good experience, good team building exercise.

The U15s before their game

This is my first set of games outside of Ireland and it’s be cool. It’s be a good way to judge where I’m at and where my team’s at compared to our international counterparts.
Also, me and my friend Kyle Walsh are having some serious Knicks talk as he’s my roommate. Shootout to Kyle.

Kyle being a beast

Sure getting up at two in the morning to fly over in a cramped Ryanair plane isn’t as glamorous as a private jet but hey, I’ll take it.
Anyway expect a few posts and pictures from the TITANS camp in Lithuania. By the way we’re the first representatives from the island of the saints and scholars to play in Lithuania.




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