I go Hard-en the paint.

Am I crazy to say that James Harden will win MVP in two years and be the best shooting guard in the NBA when Kobe retires/declines?


It seems realistic to me. Think NBA two years… MVP candidates would be Kyrie, LeBron, KD, Westbrook, Paul George and Stephen Curry plus a few more that I’m forgetting or not accounting for, judged on their current play. It looks like a reasonable statement.

First thing I want to get down to about Harden is who he reminds me of. He’s a mixture between Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen. He has the athleticism and speed of Wade (To a certain degree.) and the shooting consistency of Allen (Also to a certain degree.).


I don’t like saying it but I was wrong, not fully, about the Harden trade. I forgot to mention the fact that Houston don’t have Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant on their team. I was wrong when I underestimated Harden, but come on, no one expected him to be THIS good. He won a gold Olympic medal this summer, off the back of a finals defeat. He set the NBA record for consecutive games with 25+ points and is behind only Wilt MJ and AI for points scored in first two appearances on a team. These aren’t the only records he is going to break. Plus, he made his first appearance on the Allstar team, he probably would’ve started but we all know there’s no stopping ‘Vino’ Bryant (Unless you’re Dahntay Jones.).


Harden is special. He has that sweet lefty stroke if you give him room and can blow by you for the rim-rattling dunk if you get too close. He’s not all there defensively but that can be taught and learned throughout an NBA career. He is also an extreme hard-worker, often in the gym after practices getting up shots and working on the faults in his game.


Now the Rockets have a cornerstone to build around. They already have some bits and bobs that are and will be useful, a consistent PG in Lin, a draft gem in Chandler Parsons, young talent (Thomas Robinson and Donetas Motejunas.) and a defensive stalwart, Omer Asik. They have a great coach, Kevin McHale, who knows the game very well.   


Darryl Morey is a great GM. He knew what he doing when he gave up Lamb and Martin for Harden. He wasn’t taking a risk. Much like Billy Beane from MLB and Moneyball fame, he could well be reshaping the way players are traded for and drafted. In his tenure with the Rockets his team have set NBA winning streak records and equalled the three-pointers made in a game record.


Not only Harden will be able to take it to next level but the whole H-town entourage can get some bling on their fingers.


Morey’s first project was marred by injuries; T-Mac, Yao and so on.. So he took it apart and turned it into a new, younger and flasher team.


But back to Harden and the future. Imagine a league, like now, with Kyrie, Dame, Harden, George and a few others being the absolute superstars of the league, like Melo, LeBron, KD and Kobe at the moment.



Note, how I didn’t mention the beard, that in its self is an achievement. 


Let me know what you think

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