That friday feeling.

This is kind of hard to explain, but any basketball fan or player will know what I’m getting at. That moment in a game or practice when something’s beginning to happen and you already know the outcome and if it doesn’t you do your best to avoid the embarrassment of your celebration when nothing went down.


Let me give a few quick examples;

Steve Novak in the corner = Butter.


Someone tries to block Blake Griffin = Poster.


Someone tries to steal the ball off Jamal Crawford = Broken ankles.


The Lakers are down by 1 and they give the ball to Kobe on the last possession = Lakers W.


Someone tries to dunk on Larry Sanders = Rejection.


You don’t double team Carmelo Anthony = Buckets.


JR Smith is 0-10 and takes the game-winner = Swish.


The Clippers steal the ball and fastbreak = Alley-oop.


Copeland plays = The other team bows in his presence and hands him 40 points (CopeSANITY!! #FreeCOPE!!).


OK the last one is a little over exaggerated but you get the point of relief that you know that someones got your back, or that you’re guaranteed an assist when you dish to a good shooter.

A good personal example I have is from back when I played soccer. I usually played centre midfield or left back so I had my fair share of defensive duties. Often the other team would play a through ball over my head or when I was out of position and I’d always think my team would be screwed. But we had a great centre back, Adam Doyle. The other team would play the ball and out of nowhere the opposition’s unassuming striker would be assaulted by Adam flying in and dispossessing him. It was always great to know that Adam had my back when I’d make a mistake or be caught out.

So when I’m watching the Knicks or highlights of any other NBA game and the ball gets kicked out to Novak or Melo is backing down in the post and shoots a turnaround J, I KNOW the ball is going into the hoop. Even when I watch our mens team play and Brendan, Andre or Conall are open from deep… Splash, or they’ll get a Kobe dime (Miss the shot, putback.).

I couldn’t find a picture of the B-dog draining a trey so I thought his floater/layup was a nice substitution.

Even when you play 2K you sometimes get the feeling when you drive the lane with LeBron or shoot with Melo and when it doesn’t happen it often ends in a broken controller and someone screaming ‘Damn you 2K cheese!!!’.

You can even get the feeling about yourself. When someone says you can’t do something and you’re so sure you can you’d put your house on it.

I’m not sure if you fully understand what I’m on about right now, but you’ll understand when thinks Kevin Durant is guardable..




Let me know what you think

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