Over the past few months you may have noticed a bias towards a one Chris Copeland. If you are wondering who Chris Copeland is, don’t read this blog ever again. OK, I’m joking, but please find some free time to discover the legend of Copesanity.


Getting back to the initial point it’s Saint Patrick’s day, and the main point of it is a religious celebration and a huge international Irish celebration. There is also a birthday of a religious figure in my life today. Chris ‘Copesanity’ ‘Dope Cope’ ‘Cope for Pope’ Copeland’s birthday is today.


I won’t continue, like I have in the past, about his offensive presence and effectiveness for the NYK. But happy birthday Cope. I heard Woody has some gametime as a birthday present (Here’s hoping.).


In the Cope we trust.

Let me know what you think

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