Put me in coach!

I usually wouldn’t give match reports but, when you watch a game that was 2.8 seconds from giving you a heart attack, it has earned it’s spot on The Ankle Breaker.

Let me set the scene. National league semi-finals , TITANS vs Templeogue, we’re without our talisman Brendan Barile because of a questionable suspension, in a packed Renmore gym full of young and old TITANS ready to see they’re heroes do battle for a place in the finals.

I’m going to skip the first three quarters as they were the usual, a lot of lead changes ties and threes. It’s the fourth quarter and it’s tense. My heart is racing and so’s everyone else’s beside me. You can taste the atmosphere. Templeogue are knocking down trey after trey and we’re struggling to keep the same consistency. Enter Andre Tongo. Bucket after bucket three after three, Dre won’t let up, putting points on the board in a hurry. He pulls up for a three from well behind the line. Swish.

There was no pictures of Andre from the game, so here’s one of him from his days at Stonehill college in Boston.

They’re doing there best but Templeouge’s hot hand isn’t cooling down. Eventually TITANS are up by two with one more possession, for Templeogue. They give the ball to their American player Isaac he drives to the bucket and nails the pullup jumper with the D draped ALL over him. 

Into OT. TITANS are beginning to pull away up by six but Templeogue won’t be beat and draw level. Paulus gets called for an offensive foul and is subbed out. Here’s the magic. We’re all on our feet. What do we do. Tie game Paulus is out Templeogue are knocking down right about everything. Matt Lint makes the best coaching decision of his life. ‘Seamus you’re in.’ Insteps the youngest member of the team, Seamus Garrity, from Canada who joined TITANS from Moycullen at the start of the year, to try and put a lid on this game. 

TITANS play some styfiling D and force a bad shot, the rebound falls to Seamus and he pushes the ball quickly up the court in transition and dishes to Conall MacMichael who sinks a cold-blooded game-winner with 2.8 left on the clock.

We stormed the court and congratulated our mentors, and Seamus the third biggest hero of the night behind Conall and Andre. Never, was I more proud to be a TITAN.




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