50 things we’ve learned: Easter edition.

The season is almost up so it’s time for the last edition of 50 things we’ve learned for this 2012-13 regular season.

1. The Lakers aren’t quite as bad as I thought they were.

2. When Amar’e says he ‘Feels great’ he doesn’t.

3. When the East are trying to salvage an Allstar game, let LeBron pass to Melo.


4. Sadly, Brandon Knight passed away.


5. Jason Terry is also in our thoughts.


6. Anthony Davis is really looking like a star.

7. Dame Lillard playing well doesn’t really deserve a spot here, because we’re all so used to it.

8. John Wall could well be an Allstar in the future.

9. Jeff Green’s got heart!


10. The HEAT are for real.

11. Derrick Rose’s #thereturn is more like #thewait.

12. James Harden is cold blooded.


13. You can’t put the Celtics down too easy.

14. Steph Curry is special.


15. Monta Ellis should join the circus.


16. Iman Shumpert is back, with a jumpshot.


17. Melo isn’t the Knick getting MVP chants.


18. Roy Hibbert is a bully in the paint.

19. DeMarcus Cousins is so good his attitude makes me sad.

20. Tristan Thompson is becoming an elite rebounder underneath our noses.

21. Kobe is unstoppable.


22. LeBron needs to get fouled harder, to notice that the refs call EVERYTHING!

23. Rudy Gay wasn’t as good as the Raptors thought he was.

24. Mike Woodson sorted the Knicks’ rotation out and now they’re clicking.

25. Lob city to another level.


26. K-Mart’s still got it.


27. The Mavs need a shave, off the L category.


28. It’s not so ‘Jazzy’ in Utah.

29. The Pelicans have a good future ahead of them.

30. Morris twins, unite!


31. The Kings aren’t waiting for it to happen so they’re trading any failed projects.

32. Dwyane Wade is not on the decline.

33. Big fundamental is still making a BIG impact.

34. LeBron is clutch, as much as I hate to admit it.

35. Paul George is the unmistakable star of the Pacers.

36. It’s highly likely that Brandon Jennings’ time is up with the Bucks.


37. The Most Improved player award has too many nominees.

38. LeBron has all but locked up another MVP award.


39. It’s been a horrible year for Kevin Love, and the T-Wolves.

40. Larry Sanders needs to cool off a little.


41. Not having Metta spells no Playoff success for the Lakers.

42. The Knicks’ frontcourt woes could prove to be their undoing.

43. Chris Copeland could be a volume scorer on a team that is in need of one.

44. Kyrie Irving’s knee is a bad sign for the future of the league.


45. The Magic have some useful young wings and big men.


46. The league is in good hands.

47. Mike James got skills.

48. The Hawks are in a bad situation for the offseason.

49. Marc Gasol is an elite passer.


50. Knicks are going to win the NBA!


Happy Playoffs!



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