Beast mode.

After another win for New York and another brilliant game for Carmelo Anthony I wonder at times can athletes like melo just flip a switch and decide to drop forty on a nightly basis? Melo has scored 167 points in his last four games; 50 against the HEAT, 40 against the Hawks, 41 along with 14 boards against the Bucks and 36 with 9 OFFENSIVE rebounds against the Thunder.


Similarly during this win streak JR smith went on a historic scoring run. But these are all Knicks.


Look at all the other stars, KD, CP3, LeBron and Kobe. They, at times, can just decide when to just takeover. You can see the difference between an elite and an athlete, the sheer lack of effort a superstar puts into driving the lane or shooting a fadeaway is ridiculous, I’m not saying they don’t try but they make it look effortless compared to others.


Don’t get me wrong it’s probably due to the thousands of hours shooting around or lifting weights but I think a lot of star power is mental. Think about it what’s the word to describe Kyrie Irving? Mature. DeMarcus Cousins? Immature.


Think about MJ. Didn’t win a title until he was 28 years old. It’s mostly a mental thing. To be a real star in the NBA you need your screwed on, or a screw to be loose (Kevin Garnett.).

Imagine if all the stars played at full power for as many games as they could? Who could last the longest? Who would achieve the most?
And it’s not just in basketball, think of Marshawn ‘Beast mode’ Lynch or Adrian Peterson in the NFL or Lionel Messi in soccer.


In a way it’s scary how good these guy are at there respective sports. Remember Usain Bolt in the Olympics? He never seemed to break a sweat until he was challenged by Yohan Blake and even at the peak of his powers he wasn’t stressing too much. Usain Bolt isn’t seen as serious at all, he’s always relaxed and always in control.


You train your body so that it can do what you want it to. Your brain keeps you in control to help run the show.

It’s my birthday today so beast mode is turned to max.


Let me know what you think

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