In an ‘unideal’ world.


At the moment the majority of Knicks fans’ worst nightmares revolve around Carmelo Anthony in anything but the Big apple’s Blue White and Orange jersey.
If I ever woke up to the news that Anthony was traded I would go into hibernation! In fact, the news of a JR Smith departure would send me into hysterics but, could the future of one of the association’s most notorious franchises be at stake in a deal like one of these?


Before I get into what should and shouldn’t be done, I just want to explain that I am in no way an expert on Amnesties, cap space or free agents so I’ll take a bit of leeway in that category.
In a Knicks fans ideal world there will be a third championship banner in the rafters of MSG on opening day next season. But that’s why it’s an ‘ideal’ world. In no way is the Larry O’Brien on the way to NY but it would be great if the Knicks won. At best at the moment the Knicks are in about the fifth/sixth place to win the whole thing.
Getting away from the Knickerbockers’ chances this is based on a Knicks loss, sadly. If the Knicks lose they’re left with a bit of a failed project, I wouldn’t call it ‘failed’ but a project that didn’t play out it’s full course. A roster stacked full of veterans and ageing superstars, the Knicks’ chances of a title next year are greatly reduced. Not only is the roster old, but it’s also quite expensive. Marcus Camby, Amar’e Stoudemire and Kurt Thomas were all very inconsistent with their fitness and aren’t justifying they’re rather hefty contracts.
I think that the Knicks should get rid of all of the salary hoggers so that they can tank the following season. YES, Melo, STAT, Chandler, Felton, all of them there’s no point in having an aged roster unless your ambitions are the title.


Imagine a Knicks five full of youth and energy? A Trey Burke/Pierre Jackson dish or swish point guard, Iman Shumpert at the two-spot, A Shabazz Muhammad or Andrew Wiggins scoring threat, A dogged power forward like Mitch McGary and a defensive anchor like Nerlens Noel in the middle. And I think at the moment one of the most overlooked and valuable pieces the Knicks have this season and for the future, is their first round pick and their shooting guard Iman Shumpert, who can play excellent defence, something a lot of young players struggle with.

That is very, VERY optimistic but I’m only throwing out comparisons. Of course every youth based team needs a couple of veterans but the core is based around young and fresh talent. New York isn’t the rebuilding-type place and the media would eat them up, but in the end the future of basketball is in very good hands and I think the Knicks would be well advised to be patient and rebuild if the Playoffs don’t go their way this summer. The last thing anyone wants to see is the Marbury-esque Knicks.




Let me know what you think

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