The REAL Knicks offence.

The Knicks have a potent offence, we all know that. They don’t win games by playing stifling defence but by scorching teams on the other end. Don’t get me wrong the Knicks’ defence isn’t that bad and can turn it up but the Knicks’ offence is the bigger weapon.

When you think Knicks offence you think isolation, Carmelo Anthony, JR and three-pointers. But the Knicks have a much deeper offence than what is on the surface.


People complain that JR Smith doesn’t start but much like the Oklahoma City Thunder, they need a scoring injection off the bench once Carmelo needs to sit. The thing is also, since Iman Shumpert has returned he has been really impressive from deep and can hold down the starting spot as he gives a three-point threat through the game, accompanied by his defensive capabilities.


I still think that Chris Copeland should start ahead of Pable Prigioni but I don’t think it’s as much of an issue as when White started as Prigioni is much more productive than White. Copeland plays about 10 minutes a game and usually doesn’t play much or ever in the second half and sometimes the Knicks begin to struggle when their offense loses versatility. Copeland is a really good scorer and can put the ball in the basketball from anywhere on the court with reasonable efficiency. He isn’t as much of a weak-link on D as he was before and Mike Woodson has rewarded him with more minutes as a result. I would still like to see Cope with more minutes as he has been regularly scoring 15+ when he’s been on the court during the Knicks’ win streak.


The Knicks are one of the most potent teams in the league from three-point land and have numerous three-point threats and specialists. Novak, Copeland, JR, Felton, Kidd and Prigioni can all shoot the trey ball extremely well and will all be happy to spot up when Melo gets double-teamed or if Chandler knocks out an offensive rebound. At the same time giving the ball to Melo or JR when the shot clock is winding down is also a viable option. It also does some damage to their field goal percentage’s though because it is still a low percentage shot.

Sometimes though the Knicks focus too much on the offence even with Mike Woodson, a known defensive enthusiast, as coach. Players like Steve Novak, Chris Copeland and Amar’e Stoudemire often get caught up in mismatches and this leads to easy two’s and three’s for the other team. It is one reason why these players (Excluding STAT) get benched in the clutch due to their bad defensive awareness and inability to rotate properly on screens and shooters.

The biggest threat the Knicks have on offence though is their scoring depth. The Knicks don’t just have an offence that revolves around Melo or JR as the two options. Like I said they can kick it out, run an alley oop play for Chandler or K-Mart, pass it around the perimeter to create an open shot and numerous other things. The NYK box score usually has about 4/5 players, like the Wizards game on Tuesday night there were 6 Knicks above 10 points (Melo, 36, Shump, 18, Cope, 17, JR, 17, Novak, 12 and Prigioni, 12), in double digits in the scoring category.


The Knicks offence is more rounded then Melo. But when all else fails, let him back down in the post.




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