Dimes’ dish: The beginning of the end, part three: Small forwards.

Sorry for the delay on this final post. Yes, final. I’d be lying if I said I knew anything about post players so I won’t waste your time and my time copying a list that isn’t my opinion, also you will notice that this is a top ten, because I think the depth in the league at this spot is much thinner than the backcourt positions. It may seem like I’m being lazy but I’m just trying to be honest here.

10. Rudy Gay.


After all the criticism over efficiency, lack of leadership qualities and lucrative is a great player. He can defend 1 through 4 and is tough, he rotates well of screens and helps well. He can make shots, though he takes too much, is a crunch time performer and is a highlight machine. The former Grizzly’s arrival in Toronto has had mixed reviews due to their lack of success but I think if they get a solid Valanciunas-like player in the draft, the Gay trade could well throw them into the middle of the race for the 7/8 seed out east next year.

9. Danillo Galinari.


It’s an awful shame Gallo tore his ACL because he was becoming an offensive force for the Mile High team. They were in desperate need for a ‘star’ on offence in the halfcourt, someone who could create and knockdown shots. Gallo looks right at home in Denver, especially in Karl’s system and in a year or two’s time could be right up there on this list.

8. Tobias Harris.


I put Harris so high mostly because of his meteoric rise from bench to buckets. The Bucks may regret trading the swingman for Reddick because of his scoring output for the Magic. His rebounding is also underrated, but he can crash the board aggressively too. But his defense leaves a lot to be desired. His game-tying four-point play against his former team was amazing and capped off his season nicely.

7. Paul Pierce.


The Truth is well into his decline. Don’t get me wrong he can still do what he does, but he can’t really turn it on anymore. He’s never been an athletic player but he seems very sluggish in the second half of games and really needs a deeper roster and better rotation. This could mean more minutes for Jeff Green in the future.

6. Kawhi Leonard.

I love a good defender, and Leonard certainly is one, stifling on D and always aware but Leonard is underrated on offence. He can shoot the three efficiently and is an aggressive finisher at the rim. It’s interesting to see the Spurs hand him the last shot at times in games, showing their trust in him and also hinting at his future in San Antonio.


5. Luol Deng.

Deng fell off towards the second half of the year and was replaced by a carbon copy of himslef in Jimmy Butler. We all know Deng has logged ridiculously long numbers throughout the season but I think at times it’s a little too much at time I think. His Allstar selection was great because he really deserved it. Way to step up when you’re needed.


4. Paul George.

So we all know by know that PG is my favorite player in the L, and we all know that I can be dirtilly biased towards my choice of favorites but George has earned this spot. I must say at the start of the year I was happy to hear Granger would be out, not that I don’t like Granger but I knew that it would spell more minutes for the athletic swingman. The former dunk contest contestant had a shaky start to the campaign, struggling with consistency and efficiency while having to lead the team at the same time. But he pulled it together, with a standout performance against the HEAT, and he began to showcase his defense, dribbling, rebounding, passing, shooting and overall scoring. He slowed towards the end of the regular season and questions were being raised. So he bagged a triple double and most improved player award in his first Playoff game this year. Well played.


And because the net three players are the best three in the league at the moment not much can separate them past team success, so I can’t rank them fully until the Playoffs cease.

3. Kevin Durant.

Durant started out, in my opinion, as the front runner for the MVP award but dropped off and remained a consistent 25 point scorer for the remainder of the season. He said he was tired of being second in an interview with Sports Illustrated, so congrats KD welcome to number 3.


2. Carmelo Anthony.

‘Queue the music’. ‘I’m a boss’ by Meek Mill starts to blare from the speakers as Carmelo Anthony emerges from the tunnel. His opponent appears hapless. Confident, Melo steps into the ring. He strikes fear in his enemies eyes. The fight is over before the bell sounds. After a painful  barage of fadeaways, pullups and drives to the bucket Melo is crowned the 2013 NBA scoring champion making him eligible for the title fight later in June. 


1. LeBron James.


Depending on who wins the title, this spot is expendable but right now the King has a pretty tight grip on it. From dunks to dimes he’s done it all, but at times has had to turn to Wade to bail him out. It’s a sign of the HEAT’s dominance when LeBron can sit back like that but in a year or two it could become a bad habit for the chosen one.



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