Dimes’ dish: All about that Defense.

I like Stephen Curry, I must say he’s really impressed me, well everybody, throughout the season, but in the Playoffs! WOW!

He’s putting on a shooting and more importantly scoring exhibition on display against a very tightly knit Denver defensive unit. I mean to drop the sheer amount of points he has against a defense featuring Andre Iguodala, Andre Miller and Corey Brewer is pretty impressive because any of them three could shut you down easily. I must admit I thought the Dubs were done when David Lee went down with a torn hip flexor. But Curry, Thompson, BARNES and Jack have all pulled it together offensively and pour in more than their D lets the Nuggets. On the other end the addition of Andrew Bogut has provided them with some energy protecting the rim.


But you’ve heard a lot about Curry I’d say as in the last three games in this series he’s been the talk of the NBA.
What I’d like to talk/write about the stellar play of a one, Mike Conley. Yes, Michael Conley, Memphis Grizzlies floor general.


Ages ago I spoke about my idol Paul George, but it’s kind of hard for me to model my game around him when he’s 6-8 and can fly and I’m 5-5 and have the athleticism of a brick. But I love to watch Conley play because he is really aggressive on D and explosive on offense, able to shoot the 3, get to hole and dish the ball and just like a balanced diet he does it all in moderation. Conley’s a bit shy in my opinion but he seems to have come out of his shell a lot since the departure of volume scorer Rudy Gay, hitting a gamewinner in that space of time and frequently putting up +20 nights in the scoring department. The most striking thing in my opinion in Conley’s game is his defense. There’s nothing I love more in a point guard than D, 3’s and dimes. But his defense is often overlooked, especially because of the defensive powerhouse of a roster he’s on; Tony Allen, Tayshaun Prince, Zach Randolph and reigning defensive player of the year, Marc Gasol. Conley though was a strong candidate for the DPOY this year as well as his teammates though, just look at his lockdown performance against Chris Paul in game 3 of these current players when he held the mercurial Point man to a mere 8 points.


He’s not just a defensive piece though as I’ve said, he’s averaged 20PPG through the Playoffs so far and has been Memphis’ offensive spark as seen as they can falter at times if Z-Bo isn’t firing at all cylinders. I know people often label Conley as underrated and he is, but at this stage, he couldn’t be trying harder to grab people’s attention. He’s becoming elite (Yes, I said it.), right under our noses, and that’s most of the reason I posted this. Also I wanted to remind everyone that outside Rondo and Paul, Conley is a rarity at the point for the fact that he can lock down opposite PGs.



Also, shoutout to Jason Collins for coming out as openly gay. Don’t care what dumb ESPN analysists say about it being a sin, or NFL players hating on him, respect Jason, made me proud to be a Collins, man.



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