Kick(s) for the day: Playoffs week one.

So here’s an overview of the top 5 kicks the Playoffs have had to offer so far. In my opinion mind you.

5. Adidas D-Rose 3.5 ‘Triple Blue’.


4. Air Jordan XX8 Russell Westbrook makeup.

Don’t get me wrong I think these ‘shoes’ have a horrible design but the colourway on these is to cool to ignore.


3. Air Jordan Melo M9 Playoffs PE.

The M9’s have featured here before but I think these represent the Knicks the best so yea, WHATCHA GONNA DO?


2. LeBron X elite ‘Red/Black’ PE.


1. Nike CJ81 Elite ‘Megatron’.


Now I know that these weren’t worn in the Playoffs, and really they belong on Calvin Johnson’s feet in the NFL, nowhere near The Ankle Breaker, but I stumbled across them and they were released during the Playoffs. Now they haven’t been released officially but they’ve been spotted on the No.1 WR’s feet lately.

Try not to murder me for my inclusion of those, otherwise enjoy!



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