50 things I have to do if/when I go to America.

I was thinking that as seen as today is the official start of summer, I had to do something special (By the way I’m not going to America, also if I did, to complete this list it would take the guts of 5 years.). I can’t really give a proper introduction so I’ll let the list do the talking..

1. Watch a Knicks game.

2. Meet Kevin Ware.


3. Go to a Pat The Roc dribbling workout(/outwork? Don’t know what he calls them.).

4. Have a conversation with Chris Copeland.


5. Sit courtside at an NBA game.

6. Meet Spike Lee.

7. Get shooting lessons from Steve Novak.

8. Take a charge on LeBron.

9. Steal an inbounds pass and yell ARRRRRIBA!!

10. Interview Metta World Peace, ask him what goes on up top.


11. Take a three to the dome in-game.


12. Let Paul George dunk/jump over me.

13. Go to Allstar weekend.

14. Get in a heated argument with Kevin Garnett.

15. Discount double check after hitting a three.


16. Scream BALL DON’T LIE! after some missed free throws.

17. Listen to Clyde rhyme in person.


18. Play Brian Scalabrine one-on-one.

19. Ask JR Smith for shot selection advice.

20. Scrimmage with Tony Allen, #GritNGrind.

21. Get style advice from Iman Shumpert.


22. Meet the original Knicks championship team.

23. Buy a wagon and cover it in Miami HEAT ‘Propaganda’ so I can push off band wagoners.


24. Burn a box of honey nut cheerios.

25. Go to a Nets game, get kicked out.

26. Go to a Celtics game, get kicked out.

27. Buy a pair of retro Jordans.


28. Get some real dimes, then drop them on a court after getting an assist.

29. Meet Allen Iverson.


30. Show my blog to the Knicks roster.

31. Get Lil Wayne kicked out of an NBA game, Chief Bandwaggoner.


32. Lift weights with Kevin Durant.

33. Meet Kevin Johnson.

34. Trash talk with Nate Robinson.

35. Observe Richard Sherman trash talking people.


36. Visit the SLAM dome.

37. Go to a Seahawks game.

38. Shake hands with RGIII.


39. Play some pickup.

40. Go to the Final four.

41. Play Jamal Crawford 1v1, then attend a hospital for ankle fractures.

42. Get blocked by Larry Sanders, just to see what he does.

43. Elbow Jason Terry in the face. Earn the suspension.


44. Enter Red Bull king of the rock, prepare to get my ass kicked in the post.

45. Visit Brendan Barile/Tim Coyne while their at home, turn the tables.

46. Get interviewed by Tina Cerivasio


47. Appear on Shaqtin’ a fool.

48. Spend a day in Compton with Kendrick Lamar.


49. Tear my ACL(Not actually) so I can start a #TheReturn campaign.

50. Hug Carmelo Anthony, hope and pray that he passes on his powers to me.


Hope you enjoyed!



One Comment Add yours

  1. peter Fial says:

    For most of them you actually have to bee in the NBA

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