Bad timing.

Don’t worry I haven’t become lazy updating my blog, I’ve been off enjoying myself in sunny (Not really) Spain, Barcelona to be exact, so I took a little break from basketball, NBA and TheAnkleBreaker for some sun and vitamin D. Plus I got myself a brand spanking new Knicks jersey.

  • But this little break/holiday couldn’t have been more badly timed. First of all, I had a 3v3 competition the morning I got back, and I was incredibly tired and rusty and my team finished dead last.
  • Secondly, there was a Knicks game on the day I got back so I lost out on some much needed sleep.
  • But most of all, I lost out on an ample opportunity to watch the Knicks (Not) perform in a second round match up with the Indiana Pacers. If you’ve been reading my blog from the very beginning you might’ve noticed a little nudge towards the Pacers in regards to postseason success so I’m not very surprised they beat NYK.

I could’ve kept quiet and avoided facing up to fact that my beloved Knicks have bowed out of the postseason in very unspectacular fashion but I’ve decided to suck it up. Here’s my 6 Goods and Bads of the Knicks’ Playoffs.



1. Iman Shumpert’s emergence.


2. Chris Copeland’s maturity in round 2.


3. Defense.

4. Pablo Prigioni.

5. Kenyon Martin.


6. Amar’e’s return.



1. Tyson Chandler’s neck/back.

2. Carmelo Anthony’s shoulder and shooting efficiency.


3. JR Smith’s sleeping pattern.


4. Isolation (Eg. Bullshit.).

5. Offence.

6. Second round dissapearance of some players.


I don’t really want to comment much more on the matter, all I want to say is that the Knicks should start to rebuild, but I’ve covered this in an earlier post ‘In an ‘unideal’ world.’ Thanks for a great season #Knickstape, and to anyone leaving or waived ‘Once a KNICK always a KNICK.’ applies to you too.




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