Dimes’ dish: A bit of stupidity can come back and hit you with a fine or a technical or land you on a poster.

Last night, spent at Kyle’s house, sleepily watching the HEAT-Pacers game I was too tired at three in the morning to notice all the drama and controversy unraveling in front of my half-open eyes. When I awoke and glanced at my phone, more specifically my Facebook newsfeed, I noticed it was full of three things; Roy Hibbert’s bad language, LeBron’s fullcourt sprint and Paul George’s posterizing of Chris Bosh. 

Here’s my take on all three:

1. Roy Hibbert.

First of all, I’ll give the low-down of what happened. In the post-game press conference Hibbert said  when talking about his help defense and why he was better last night compared to other games ‘LeBron was stretching me out a lot, no homo,…’. Of course Hibbert was stating that his statement of LeBron stretching him out wasn’t meant in a homosexual matter. To be quite honest I think the whole thing was blown completely out of proportion, firstly it was a stupid remark because I didn’t really take it up like that, and given the fact that I am a sixteen year old and for my mind not to wander like that makes me wonder what goes on in that 7 foot 2 center’s head. Secondly, it wasn’t like he said anything horribly offensive, he didn’t go and say (And I apologize for being so crude.) that he hates gay people or anything along the line of that, I think that fact that he went out and apologized for such a childish remark kind of settles the situation, I mean he ain’t no Chris Culliver, who said that if there were any gay members on his American Football team that they wouldn’t be treated the same as everyone else and would have to change somewhere different than everyone else.


So leave Hibbert off a bit, he said something stupid he didn’t mean for it to be offensive. I think Hibbert calling reporters and writers ‘Motherfuckers’ is a little worse because it was a little uncalled for. I do agree with what he meant though, and I amn’t saying that I don’t have a bit of a loose tongue and don’t drop the odd curse but I mean know when you can and can’t say that sort of stuff. I’m all for free speech but there are times and places Mr. Hibbert, and anyway when the hell did Hibbert become Shaq? We all know that being controversial like this is the Diesel’s thing. Enough about Hibbert though, I’m going to put it down to him being super hype after playing a big part in a BIG win. As Hibbert said he’ll take the fine, he doesn’t care.


2. LeBron’s hissy fit.

Let give my opinion as a player on this. Game 6, you’re the best but most scrutinized player in the world, your team have decided to call it a day so it’s on you to take the weight of the team and place it upon your broad shoulders. So you take off like a steam train in the direction of the basket and a giant steps across the lane and you crash into him, hear the whistle blow and see your shot rattle out of the rim. As you lay on the ground you let out a breath of relief that your missed shot can be made up for at the line so as you gather yourself and arise from the comfort of the perfectly polished hardwood you notice the other team strangely happy and your teammates making their way back to their side of the court, the crowd roars and the ref making a fist gesture towards your basket. Charge. Turnover. Pacers ball. WHAT!!!!???!!??!?!?! you take off in frustration sprinting down the court, roaring and ready to make up for your mistake when now you hear more whistles and the ref gives you a technical. Hard luck LeBron I know how you feel sort of. I remember once during a game in practice my team turned the ball over and the opposing team’s player began running towards the open basket in search of two easy points. So as I look up I begin to sprint back in the desperate hope of denying the layup. I could’ve easily left them go and get their layup given the fact that I was on the free throw line and they were on the halfway line but I had to do my best so I took off. It wasn’t long before I was surprisingly on the heels of my opponent and as they rose to lay the ball in off the glass I leapt and somehow managed to stop the ball from entering the hoop by smashing it off the board. Since my 5 foot 6 and a half frame isn’t used at all to reaching the athletic heights of the backboard I came tumbling down to ground and landed uncomfortably in a heap on the floor and as I rolled over to see the reactions of the onlooking players scattered around the gym to this seemingly spectacular play when I hear my coach Andre blow the whistle and call a foul, by this stage I was on my feet but after the call I dropped to the floor in hysterics and rolled around a little/ In a game I’m pretty sure that action would’ve warranted a technical at least in a real game and I’m sure it looked hilarious like LeBron’s madness last night but it was just because of the heat f the situation and the raw heart and passion in the game. But hey, I’m not gonna argue if a few more funny LeBron jokes and memes pop up. I’ll leave it to Alonzo Mourning to sum this up.



3. Paul George’s dunk. 


Personally I rathered his earlier dunk on the Birdman but I amn’t gonna argue if Bosh gets dunked on by the human beast that is PG24. Seriously though I can just imagine Kevin Hart like ‘He wasn’t ready, NOOOOOOOO!’ while watching this magnificent display of power and skill taking place. I can’t really say much more because that dunk speaks for itself, but I think this reaction does it justice.





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