Dimes’ dish: If I ruled the empire state.

I wish I was a GM and could manipulate trades masterfully, like I do on NBA2K creating dynasty after dynasty using useful role players, young athletic guards, shooting 6th men and brick wall post players. 

If I ruled the roost in MSG and called the shots in terms of human resources I’d love to give the team an image they’ve never had before. My dream NYK would still revolve around basketball Jesus, Carmelo Anthony, but otherwise the current roster would be pretty much gone.

Let me break it up into three categories.


Carmelo Anthony.

Iman Shumpert.

JR Smith.

Kenyon Martin.

Chris Copeland.

Pablo Prigioni.



Tyson Chandler.

Raymond Felton.


Let go.

Amar’e Stoudemire. 

Marcus Camby.

James White.

Steve Novak.

Earl Barron.

Quentin Richardson.


So now that’s of the way I amn’t gonna lie to your face and say I’m a cap space mogul. I’m gonna be straight: Hard cap and Amnesties mean as much to me as Fairplay and Good refereeing mean to Joey Crawford. And now, I will dive into the murky world of Salaries, contracts, trades and free agents.

First of all I need two point guards. Easy choice, Kyle Lowry and Nate Robinson. (Bonus points for realism.). I’d throw Lowry in as the starter, bump JR off the bench and give Nate the sixth man jig. Also the fact that Lowry brings defense and Nate brings offense gives good versatility and can be rotated depending on the other players on the court. Of course though their height gives a bit of a disadvantage in terms of mismatches and rotations but it’s not major.


Now my shooting guards are set. Jr starts and Prigioni will play the two but will have a similar role as to the one he had at the end of the regular season; sharing ballhandling duties , distributing and popping up with the odd three.

Small forwards depend on who I have in the middle, regarding Melo playing the four spot but I’ll get to that. I’d go with Shumpert but he’d mostly play the two on defense or just guard the other team’s best player unless they’re 7-foot tall. I’d let Cope fill in when Shump is taking a breather but that wouldn’t be very often, you know my fondness for Cope though, I’d make it happen.


The four spot is kind of confusing so bear with me. Melo would start. Obviously. Know when he sits this is the rotation. Nate comes in, JR gets the plays ran for him Shump stays in and K-Mart will play in Melo’s place. That lineup would be used at the end of the first/second quarter. Getting back to it though I’d sign a backup shot blocker like Greg Stiesma just to add a bit of defensive muscle. 


I’d trade Felton for Brandan Wright and Darren Collison. I’d trade Chandler for Larry Sanders because of Chandler’s age and salary. I’d look for Al Jefferson, accommodating his contract with the release of Stoudemire. Then I’d have athleticism and energy off the bench and have a bulky offensive presence when Melo and JR aren’t firing at all cylinders.


So by now the roster would look like this;

Point guards: Lowry, Robinson, Collison.

Shooting Guards: JR Smith, Pablo Prigioni.

Small forwards: Iman Shumpert, Chris Copeland, Carmelo Anthony*.

Power forwards: Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, Greg Stiesma.

Centers: Al Jefferson, Larry Sanders, Brandan Wright.

The addition of Collison at the point would work the best with Prigioni, because of their polar opposite styles of play it’d give the defense a handful and give the one more thing to focus on especially with Melo on court. 

So this is the final verdict. 

Starting Five:

Lowry, Smith, Shumpert, Anthony, Jefferson.

Sixth man: Nate Robinson.

Next four: Prigioni/Collison, Copeland, Martin, Sanders.

Role Players: Prigioni/Collison, Stiesma, Wright.

I like this team because it has a lovely balance between defense and offense and you can alter the rotation to go small or big, defensive or offensive. I also like the ability to shoot threes but the inside presence of Jefferson gives another outlet that the Knicks didn’t have this year. At the same time I think I’ve addressed the need for perimeter defense with Lowry and Shumpert’s bumped up minutes. Plus the interior is pretty tough; Stiesma, Sanders, Wright and K-Mart any offences nightmare. 


I’ve had a knack for predicting things on this blog but if this happened I’d go pretty crazy, this has as much chance of coming true as me winning the lotto (Fingers crossed.).



Let me know what you think

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