Nice guys finish last.

Hey guys! Sorry if any of you missed me, but I don’t think I was gone too long. I was gone to Italy with my parents on a holiday my dad won for two weeks and I spent the last two days at my friend Darragh’s house sadly watching the NBA finals unfold.

Why do I say sadly? Because Mr. James has another rock on his big hand. And HEAT bandwaggoners have more stupid arguments to make. LeBron James was bad in these finals but he was MVP because he’s the best player on the winning team. That award was Tim Duncan’s or Kawhi Leonard’s not LeBron James. What sort of an example are you setting by giving a guy such a prestigious when he’s been fined for flopping during the Playoffs and should’ve been multiple times not just once. I’m sure Bill Russell was grinding his teeth when he handed LeFlop his award, I know for a fact Russell never flopped and neither did anyone that played with him. Why can’t the game be played how it’s supposed to be? I’m not even blaming the Miami HEAT players, the majority of them are standout professionals but the flopping and cheating just has to stop. There’s a difference between playing to win and cheating and LeBron should really look into finding that out. The HEAT get all of the calls all of the time and it’s not fair. I’m sick and tired of sports teams and players being commanded by money. Yes, LeBron’s the best player on the planet but would he have two ring if he hadn’t left Cleveland? Arguably not. But at the same time if every single other team in the league who has won since LeBron has joined hadn’t invested sick amounts of money building ‘dynasties’ than LeBron could have more rings than the two he currently holds. Look at it, the NBA finals series since LeBron James was drafted from high school with the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft. 


2004: Lakers vs. Pistons.

2005. Spurs vs. Pistons.

2006. Miami vs. Dallas.

2007. Spurs vs. Cavaliers.

2008. Lakers vs. Celtics.

2009. Lakers vs. Magic.

2010. Lakers vs. Celtics.

2011. HEAT vs. Mavericks.

2012. HEAT vs. Thunder.

2013. HEAT vs. Spurs.

Almost every one of those series has a team that was bought that kept LeBron from winning a ring so he decided to jump ship, call his buddies Dwyane, Chris and Pat and take his ‘talents’ to South Beach. It sickens me to see such a gifted athlete give in and make it so easy for himself to win some silverware.But can you blame him? Everyone’s doing it? What do guys like AI, Stockton, Reggie Miller have to show for sticking around? I mean LBJ’s free to do whatever he wants to, I don’t hate him for his decisions I just don’t like him because he comes across as so arrogant and cocky. But if you look at most of the contenders in the league it’s always the teams that rely on players that they’ve drafted and low key role playing free agents; like the Spurs, Pacers and Thunder, or teams that were bought; HEAT, Lakers and to a certain extent the Knicks. It just infuriates me to see players signing with teams to win, they have no loyalty, none. And it’s the same in every sport now everyone plays for a paycheck. Not for the name on the front of their jersey. But not all players; take the Paul Pierce’s, Kobe Bryant’s, Paul George’s, Tim Duncan’s, some players do play with heart; Nate Robinson, Lance Stepheson, Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant.



They’re not all bad, but it just makes me so mad to see these guys loosing out and teams based solely on money and fame pulling through. Whatever happened to parading through the crowd after winning? No, the fans leave when you’re down Miami. I feel like in South Beach it’s the players playing in front of a lot of people that have nothing better to do. You could bring your girlfriend to a HEAT game, you bring your girlfriend to a Knicks game and you’re not gonna have a girlfriend by the end of the night. In SA the fans were crazy. And if they won I could see them crying and Timmy D crying with them. When do you see Tim Duncan punch a floor in-game? It meant that much to him. LeBron throws hissy fits and gets technicals. I was happy LBJ got a ring last year, not this year though, even the way he was expecting his finals MVP award it made me sad.


At times I do feel sorry for LeBron when he misses a big shot, everyone’s gonna jump on his back and you can see it on his face. But he never seems like the fans have his back or his theirs. Right now it’s all about ‘I’m LeBron James, I ain’t got no worries.’ not ‘I’m LeBron James, I’m the face of the game and I’m doin it for my fans.’ 

And that shot by Jesus? It was so good I made it my business to watch He Got Game when I got home. Danny Green? Laid an egg in the last two games. Ray-Ray bailed LeBron out and showed Green what a three-pointer really is. And Shane Battier! ‘It’s better to be timely then good.’ Fair play to them guys, Mario Chalmers stpped up huge in game 7 and good job on Norris Cole and Udonis Haslem’s part too. I like the way they got more rings.

Kawhi Leonard is my new favorite player though. And I’m not on the bandwaggon, read my earlier posts! I have proof. Think of the pressure that was on him. 21 year old sophomore on the line misses his first free throw to seal the game, the biggest shot of his life, and in the ensuing play the HEAT stay alive. Then he comes back and plays his heart out in game 7 does his level best in the clutch to keep his team alive and to be honest if he was in Tim Duncan’s place he would’ve made that layup. What I’m saying is Leonard was trying to make up for his mistake to please his coach, his teammates and his fans not the owner or the bank. Hats off to you Kawhi you were my finals MVP. But you have to settle for the guy who shut down the ‘real’ one.


And as seen as this NBA finals has ended thus wrapping up the season here’s my final words on the matter of the sometimes great 2012/13 NBA season.

The Thunder would’ve made the finals if it wasn’t for Patrick Beverly.

The Knicks would’ve won the league barring injuries. Melo dislocated his shoulder and tore his labrum playing the Celtics. JR Smith had swelling in his knees and Tyson Chandler hadn’t recovered from his slipped disc and bulge he suffered towards the end of the season. 


George Karl shouldn’t have been sacked.

Kobe should’ve been MVP.

The Nets should move back to New Jersey.

So that’s it you win HEAT, next year if you win the finals I’m never watching an NBA game again.



Sorry about any bias, just an opinion, don’t worry it won’t be a pattern, I’m an angry fan that’s all. 


Let me know what you think

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