Just go with it.

Today I got a haircut. I’m not a man for very very short hair but today the barber decided to change my mind for me. He took out the razor and sheared me like a sheep. I couldn’t complain, I’d asked for my hair to be cut shorter and he cut it shorter. I mean when he started initially I was looking in the mirror I was like ‘Oh Shit, what the hell have I done?’ but I decided why the hell worry myself? Just go with it man. And hey, I amn’t saying I’m in love with my buzz cut hair but I rather it to having a row with the poor barber because he did what I told him to and I just didn’t make myself clear enough.

It’s the same on the court. You just gotta go with it some times. If you’re camped on the three-point line and a pass is flung out to you but the ball doesn’t land in your hands the way you want it to. Just go with it. I’m sure Ray Allen didn’t think of readjusting when he got it in game 6. He went with it and now he has another ring. 


If you get bumped on the way up for a layup and the ref doesn’t call it? Just go with it. No one else is going to give you free throws so you better get up off your ass and make sure the next time you go to the bucket you go twice as hard. 

Now of course I’m not saying if you’re James Harden and Metta World Peace elbows you in the head you do not just go with it. You don’t Harden (See what I did there?) your skull so you don’t get concussed the next time. If someone’s bad mouthing your favourite player don’t just go with it you’ve got to stand up for what you believe in.



All I’m saying is that you’ve got to go with somethings that you can’t change. As in if you’re not happy with a pass you get you can’t just pass back and give out to whoever threw it, you’ve got to go with it because life isn’t going to wait for you to get everything perfect. ‘Basketball is a game of imperfections.’ I’ve been watching a lot of baseball lately, thanks to ESPN America’s non-stop coverage of the sport, and one thing I’ve noticed is that obviously enough there’s a pitcher and a batter and ones out to get the other so if he throws you a fastball or a curveball (I don’t know the difference.) you’ve just got to go with because no ones gonna wait for you otherwise. 


It’s the same in life you’ve just got to go with the fact that some things aren’t going to go your way but you’ve just got to go with it. I mean, you can’t control what happens to you a lot of the time. If a girl doesn’t like you. If your teacher decides to fail you based on your personality. If you’re coach doesn’t like you. If the bookshop sells out on SLAM before you get a chance to buy it. If you go to TK maxx and find a cool pair of shoes but they’re too big for you. If the barber cuts your hair a different way than you like. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with it. Sometimes these things can make or break you. They can shape your life. They make you who you are, even the small things. Most of the time it’s a small blessing in disguise. Just go with it my friends. 



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