I’d love to work for


First of all, I want to give them a huge shoutout because they have (Unknown to themselves.) helped me out severely on keeping my Kick for the day spot up to date, so thanks guys!!

But getting back to my point. That place would be awesome to work at. Reviewing shoe after shoe, getting the exclusives interviewing NBA players and being invited into their houses. Getting to see their shoe collections and stuff? That’s pretty surreal if you ask me. 

It must be a little refreshing for NBA players even, to be getting interviewed about their shoes, rather than their bad shot selection, missed free throws, salary? I know I’d rather it to the same questions again and again about a big or bad play you’d made.

Secondly, a shoutout goes to BleacherReport, quality website with seriously good blogs and opinions, has changed my view on the game and numerous players in a good way. I’ve applied to write there about five times and counting. The grind.


Third shoutout falls to the good folks at, don’t know if I’d get a quarter of my views without them so thanks guys for giving me shot and a spot on your site. Standout guys!


Fourth shoutout goes to And that’s not just from me that’s from any good basketball fan, it’s a hell of a service!! 

Fifth shoutout goes to which is run by a terrific guy that goes by the name of Tim Coyne. Gave me the inspiration to start my blog. Hit it up!!!

And the last shouout is to everyone that reads my blog. There is no point to it otherwise! So thanks to the fans and casual passers by! Keeping the dream alive!!

Hit me up on twitter as well! Thanks guys! Let’s go for a good second year of NBA coverage! I know this was a little late but I don’t care.



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