We’ve got 100!!!!

‘We gon’ shock the world!’ Those were the words of Michigan forward Juwan Howard as he and his fellow teammates rushed excitedly into their changing room after defeating the Ohio State Buckeyes and advancing to the Final Four. Five freshman leading their college basketball team to a Final Four. Starting one freshman was rare enough,…


Happy birthday Kobe. This should’ve been posted yesterday but I didn’t want it to get lost in the sea of HBs that were being posted to the Mamba. Imagine if the Hornets hadn’t traded him? Imagine if Shaq had stayed and Kobe never blossomed into what he is today? Imagine if Colorado never happened? Imagine…

30 players you’ve already forgotten.

This list is pretty straight up. It’s basically 30 players that I think are set to play well next year, that you have overlooked, probably. 1. Jeremy Tyler, New York Knicks. 2. Iman Shumpert, New York Knicks. 3. Kent Bazemore, Golden State Warriors. 4. Earl Clark, Cleveland Cavaliers. 5. Greg Oden (!), Miami HEAt. 6….

Kick for the day: The specialist of editions.

Today’s kick is my favorite of all time. They has inspired the #KnicksTape movement. They sparked the start of a new era in Manhattan. Hell, they pretty much landed Baron Davis his front office gig. So here they are, the Li-Ning BD Dooms ‘KnicksTape’. Specially customized by graffiti artist Big Doves, and rocked by B-Diddy…

Dimes’ dish: Now why’d you go and do that?

Right now, I’m quite dissatisfied with the New York Knicks’ front office. Why you ask? Because they signed Beno Udrih. Now I want to clear one thing up, I have no problem with Mr. Udrih. In fact, I think he’s quite underrated. But the Knicks absolutely jumped the gun in regards to signing that 3rd…

Kick for the day.

These kicks are the coolest I’ve seen in a while. I mean I’m seriously contemplating getting them. Released tomorrow it’s the Nike Air Pippen “Noble Red”.

Kick for the day.

Today’s kick for the day is a very special (And picture-ridden.) edition. Here’s the ever-classic, iconic Reebok Question. Worn by Allen Iverson in his rookie season. So here’s a plethora of colourways they come in, as they were re-released late last year. Enjoy!!

Kick for the day.

Today’s kick is a blast from the past. I guess given that it’s Thursday you could label it throwback. Introducing, straight from the 90s, the Nike Air Raid II ‘Peace’. I stumbled across them online so I hope you find them as cool as I do.