Dimes’ dish: Now why’d you go and do that?

Right now, I’m quite dissatisfied with the New York Knicks’ front office. Why you ask? Because they signed Beno Udrih. Now I want to clear one thing up, I have no problem with Mr. Udrih. In fact, I think he’s quite underrated.


But the Knicks absolutely jumped the gun in regards to signing that 3rd string point man. They’ve been heavily linked with Delonte West, Sebastian Telfair and most importantly, Bobby Brown. Who’s Bobby Brown? Bobby Brown is a player that applied his trade for Italian Serie A team, Montepaschi Siena this year. And before you think I don’t Italian basketball think again, because over my two weeks in Italy the Serie A playoffs were on. I was staying near Siena and I watched all their games en route to their Finals victory. They had two star American players. Daniel Hackett, who attended USC, and declared for the draft but went undrafted. The other is now a favorite player of mine, Bobby Brown. Brown, from LA, is one of the most dominant scorers I’ve ever witnessed play the game of basketball at the point guard spot. In no way is he selfish he’d be in my mind, a poor man’s Lou Williams, a spark of a stagnant offense. Of course he was dominant by Italian standards which isn’t NBA but he holds the Euroleague record for points scored in a single game at 41. He won the Alphonso Ford award, which is for the best scorer in Euroleague. Bobby Brown is 6 foot 2. He isn’t blessed with broad shoulders like LeBron or springs in his feet like Nate Robinson, he’s grit and grind, gets to the bucket, makes his threes.


Let’s not forget the fact that Brown has played for the Clippers, Kings, Timberwolves and Hornets. Plus he has won MVP of the Drew League and is considered a bit of a legend within that exhibition, I mean right now, he is considered the star of his LAUNFD team that is currently in the competition.


So you can see why I’m disappointed at the signing of Beno Udrih. He’s the same player as Pablo Prigioni, and guess what? The Knicks have Prigioni. I mean of course I’m going to say Copeland was a big loss, and I mean it, in terms if getting quick buckets when Melo and JR aren’t firing on all cylinders, which was a common theme throughout the Eastern Conference semi finals, Cope is a huge loss. This is why Brown is the perfect fit. In comparison to Cope he has prior NBA experience, but lacks his incredible scoring touch. But Brown plays competent defense and gets the odd steal, something Copeland only barely learned to do by the end of the year. So I’m sorry if all Beno Udrih in the house think I’m wrong but his services could’ve been better used in Utah.
In regards to Bobby Brown, we’ll see how he fares in the Drew league Playoffs, and after that he’s off to China to play ball for the Dongguan Leopards. I love the Knickstape, but they really dropped the ball on this play.





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  1. Jonathan says:

    Who are the Knicks I thought the heat were the only team in the NBA

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