What being a leader really means.

What is a leader in your opinion? Someone that shouts at people, keeps them in line? Someone that leads by example? Someone that can will their players on from the depths of despair? To me it’s a mix of the last two, and anything but the first. You’re not a leader if you hound a guy because he made an honest mistake, it’s on the coach if he wants to give out to one of his players. If someone is acting stupid and messing about it’s different, you can let loose at em if he tries an alley-oop off the board to himself, if he does what I like to call it; a JaVale.


But just because you’re better than someone at the sport of basketball doesn’t give you the right to go off at them everytime they mess up or do something you could, or think you could do. In fact, it’s your duty to help your teammates along, if he throws a bad pass ‘That’s ok man just focus next time.’, Misses a three ‘next time.’ it’s not your duty as a player and a so-called leader to roar and shout abuse at your own teammates as an attempt to ‘will them on.’ In the end of the day Michael Jordan didn’t start basketball with the ability to dunk from the free throw line, Ray Allen to make all his threes, Allen Iverson to be unguardable. Everyone makes mistakes, like Jordan when John Starks dunked on him.


If you think someone isn’t paying attention tell them, don’t throw a ball at them or shout at them, that’s the coach’s job. If you go to a practice or game and you see a teammate doing something wrong or not paying attention, and try to make a fool of them, you’re the fool. It’s a TEAM game. As in five guys. So if you throw a ball at a guys head when he’s not looking you both look bad, you’re no hero.


Your team needs a leader not a complainer? Everyone likes Kobe. No one likes Dwight Howard? Talk on defense, lead your players on and LEAD BY EXAMPLE!! Don’t set a bad one. No ones perfect neither are you or me. I mean I make a TON of mistakes, stupid decisions. I mean I can be described as an erratic player at times and I’m not going to hide it, I don’t do it out of badness, or to make myself look good I make mistakes so does everyone and I’ll tell you one thing for nothing, if you think roaring and shouting at me is going to will me on or if flinging a ball at me will make more aware you’re wrong that sort of absolute crap creates players like JaVale McGee and Michael Beasley. 



In the words of Michael Jordan:





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